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British Council Safety Survey for UK students offers a Prize Draw

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

The British council is inviting all international students presently studying in the UK to participate in their  online survey (last date of entry 2 April). The survey is aimed at finding out students’ attitudes towards their own personal safety. Questions are asked regarding how safe students feel in their schools, in the city locations where they are studying and in their accommodation. The survey is undertaken every couple of years to help the British Council update the information booklet Comfort Zone which provides useful advice to students about ensuring their stay in the UK is safe and enjoyable.

If you are one of LSI’s students at our schools in London Central, London Hampstead, Cambridge or Brighton, why not take part in the survey and get entered for the prize draw? The survey takes about 15 minutes to fill in and who knows, you might be the lucky person who walks away with the top prize, £100 worth of Amazon tokens courtesy of the British Council.

The UK Introduces a New Simplified Visa Application System

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Good news for any potential student wishing to come to the UK to study ; it seems that applying for a student visa has never been so simple. In the past visa applications could be fraught with unforeseen problems causing considerable heartache to disappointed applicants. The new points based system, introduced at the beginning of April, attempts to rectify this uncertainty by setting out clearer guidelines.

A spokeswoman for the UK Border Agency outlined the benefits of the new system.
“The UK has a lot to offer international students. Now they see whether they are eligible for a visa before they even apply – making the system much clearer and easier to understand. The aim is to make the application process more transparent and straightforward.”

From the 1st April Students will need to provide evidence of the following

  1. A visa letter from the school where the students intends to study.
  2. Evidence of qualifications required as preconditions for course enrolment by the sponsoring school. The UK Border Agency require that language students have at least an elementary level of English (for the General Student Visa). If at beginner level students can only apply for a Student Visitor Visa.
  3. Proof of sufficient funds to maintain themselves in the UK.

Students will also need to decide which type of visa to apply for. For adults aged 18 or over, there are two main categories: a general student visa or the student visitor visa. A student visitor visa (SVV) would be suitable for students wishing to study in the UK for six months or less and who do not wish to take up any employment whilst in the country. With the general student visa however, a student can study in the UK for up to 12 months (or more in some cases) and is permitted to work. Watch the video below to learn more about the new General Student Visa or ,to read more about all adult student visas and the child student visas , please visit the UK Border agency website .

Crucially only reputable language schools licensed under Tier 4 of the new Points based System will be permitted to act as sponsoring institutions on student applications. Students will thus benefit by knowing they are applying to bone fide teaching institutions where they will receive an excellent education.

As a company with a long established reputation in the provision of quality language courses , Language Studies International has received licenses for all its UK schools: LSI London Central, LSI London Hampstead , LSI Cambridge, and LSI Brighton.

Something to consider before booking a course with LSI: as the new Points Based System requires a visa application for each licensed institution, if you are intending to split your studies between several of our UK schools you may need to apply for a visa for each school before your arrival in the UK. Please contact our schools directly if you have any queries regarding this.

Memories of Studying at LSI London Hampstead

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

As a company, Language Studies International likes to think that taking a course at one of our many language schools is more than just a learning experience ; it is infact a moment in your life that you will treasure for many years to come. We recently received the following message from  a student who studied at LSI London Hampstead over ten years ago. Judging from her comments below, she obviously enjoyed her time in the UK.

kyoko“Hello! The other day I found the website of LSI. My name is Kyoko Hida from Japan. I was at LSI Hampstead for about 2 months to study English, it was a decade ago. Although the time I was there was many years ago, I still remember how wonderful your school was. I felt like my dear old home to know some new information about LSI on the internet,  that was why I contacted you.

I enjoyed my stay in the UK very much, especially at your school as all the people there were very nice.The English classes were sometimes very difficult for me to understand, but at least I could enjoy the international atmosphere. And also the English sentences and words I have learn there are still very useful to use my English skills for everything.

I know that it is late to send my thank-you, but I do appreciate all the people there very much.”

LSI UK Students Raise Money for Charity

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

lsi-hampstead-rnd-09According to an English tradition, Friday the 13th is considered unlucky… but not this year and certainly not for Comic Relief !

Started in the UK in 1985, the international charity Comic Relief is already well known for fund raising for worthwhile social projects mainly in Africa. This year the UK branch of the charity selected the 13th of March as its focal point for a huge gamut of fund raising events. A staggering £60 million pounds was raised !

Following on from Comic Relief’s call to Do something funny for money , LSI teachers and  students certainly joined in with the spirit of the occasion.  Donning their red noses, iconic symbols of the charity, students at LSI Hampstead took part in a variety of events aimed at raising money for Comic Relief. The events ranged from fun auctions where students bid for free One to One lessons, to selling an astonishing array of international foods made by the LSI students themselves, to more sedate quizzes where students were asked to identify their teachers from a series of youthful photos. It was an incredible day with much fun being had by all and an amazing £167 was raised during all the havoc and mayhem.

We’d like to say many thanks to the wonderful generosity and spirit of fun of all the teachers and students at LSI Hampstead.

Panamanian Visitors at LSI London Hampstead

Monday, March 9th, 2009

panama_studentsIn February 2009, LSI London Hampstead hosted a group of ten students from Panama. For the majority, it was their first time to the UK and they were justifiably excited to live and study in London for four weeks. During their stay, LSI organised an extensive programme of activities for their afternoons and weekends, which included visits to the main attractions in the city (British Museum, Tate Modern, Science Museum, Tower of London), West End Musical nights (We Will Rock You, Wicked) and trips to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Bath and even a 3-day trip to Paris.

On their arrival, they had the opportunity to experience a snowy London, which they greatly enjoyed as it was the first time they had seen snow!

On their return to Panama they sent a heartfelt thankyou letter and this picture. They loved their stay so much that they all bought the same t-shirt! Thank you, Panama! We hope to see you soon!

Seasonal Fun at LSI London Hampstead

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

winter_wonderlandMany visitors to London will know  the UK’s capital city benefits from relatively mild Winters. In recent years, this has been increasingly true with well known Spring flowers appearing in February rather than in April. This year though,  has bucked this trend.

In February, London received around 12 cms of snow, turning the city landscape into a beautiful winter wonderland. Unused to such quantities of snow , the London Transport system failed to cope and many LSI teachers and students had to arrive at school on foot. The LSI London Hampstead school luckily has a large garden and our students took advantage of this by indulging in snow ball fights and building a huge snowman.

“I come from a hot country and I don’t see snow like this before. I love it. Please snow more,” commented an LSI student from Brazil.

“It’s not all work here at LSI. It’s great to take time out and have fun, ” said the LSI London Hampstead school director, Tania Valentin.”Plenty of opportunities to learn some different kind of vocabulary for the occasion!”

London has sadly returned to normal after the excitement of the snow, until the next time ………

Success with our new Young Learner’s Programme | London Hampstead

Monday, October 27th, 2008
Enjoying the views of London from the London Eye

Enjoying the views of London from the London Eye

Following on from the success of the Young Learner’s course in our Toronto school in 2007, this summer we extended this fantastic programme to one of our UK schools, LSI London Hampstead. This language course, aimed at young people between the ages of 13 to 17, ran between June and August and attracted many eager students from around the world. Carefully designed to provide a balanced mix between formal language classes and informal language learning opportunities via the many social activities offered, the Young Learner’s course has proved to be a roaring success in its first season at London Hampstead.

Whilst only a 15 minute tube ride away from the bustling, cosmopolitan centre of London, LSI London Hampstead is located in one on London’s most beautiful and wealthy suburbs providing the ideal, tranquil environment for younger students.

“My parents choose this course for me and I wasn’t happy to spend all my holiday on a language course instead of being with friends. When I arrived at the course I had so much fun. I made so many new friends and my English improved a lot. I want to go to this school again next summer.” Hans, aged 15, from Germany.

Part of the explanation behind the successful introduction of the Young Learner’s course to LSI London Hampstead, may lie in the family atmosphere offered in the school. School director, Tania Valentin, offers the following insight – “Many people say that the school feels like a family because of the friendly welcoming atmosphere. We get to know all our students as individuals and are there to provide help and advice whenever needed. I think this is especially important for the younger students. Parents want to know their children are being well looked after.”

As a result of the success of the Young Learners’ programmes in the UK and Canada, for 2009 we have decided to extend the programme to the USA. In addition to the Young Learners’ Programmes at Toronto and London Hampstead, we will be also offering the course at LSI San Diego. Find out more about the Young Learners course for 2009.

Student Feedback on LSI London Hampstead

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Kaori Tomioka (33), Student

I really enjoyed spending my time at LSI London Hampstead, as this school was so wonderful for me. All teachers are so friendly, supportive and motivating so I was enthusiastic about their lessons. The atmosphere of this school is calm and peaceful so that I can concentrate on studying English, feeling relaxed.

This school has fantastic Cambridge examination courses as well. FCE course which I studied was well-organized, and helpful for those who want to take exams. I could learn reading, listening, writing, speaking, grammar skills efficiently.

One of the advantages of this school is location. It is close to Hampstead Heath, which is a huge and beautiful park, so I make the most of walking there.

The decision which I chose this school is perfect, because this school never let me down.