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LSI London Hampstead celebrates ‘Red Nose Day’ and raises £500 for charity!

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Last Friday LSI London Hampstead raised a fantastic £500 for Comic Relief, a charity working across the world to combat poverty and social injustice. Students and teachers came together to participate in a range of money making activities including the buying and selling of cakes in the school lounge and singing karaoke in front of the whole school. Some brave teachers even volunteered to have wet sponges thrown at them in an attempt to raise more money for the Comic Relief cause.

Every class played their part: Intermediate 3 sang a version of the Beatles song ‘Ob la di ob la da’, and an Upper-Intermediate group were sponsored to wear their pyjamas to school, making an impressive total of £92 in sponsor money in the process.

School director, Greg Wickline, praised the efforts of the staff and students “Everybody put a lot of work into making the day a really special one. Not only did we manage to make a lot of money for charity, but we also had a good laugh!”

LSI London Hampstead students and teachers having fun on Red Nose Day

The UK Introduces a New Simplified Visa Application System

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Good news for any potential student wishing to come to the UK to study ; it seems that applying for a student visa has never been so simple. In the past visa applications could be fraught with unforeseen problems causing considerable heartache to disappointed applicants. The new points based system, introduced at the beginning of April, attempts to rectify this uncertainty by setting out clearer guidelines.

A spokeswoman for the UK Border Agency outlined the benefits of the new system.
“The UK has a lot to offer international students. Now they see whether they are eligible for a visa before they even apply – making the system much clearer and easier to understand. The aim is to make the application process more transparent and straightforward.”

From the 1st April Students will need to provide evidence of the following

  1. A visa letter from the school where the students intends to study.
  2. Evidence of qualifications required as preconditions for course enrolment by the sponsoring school. The UK Border Agency require that language students have at least an elementary level of English (for the General Student Visa). If at beginner level students can only apply for a Student Visitor Visa.
  3. Proof of sufficient funds to maintain themselves in the UK.

Students will also need to decide which type of visa to apply for. For adults aged 18 or over, there are two main categories: a general student visa or the student visitor visa. A student visitor visa (SVV) would be suitable for students wishing to study in the UK for six months or less and who do not wish to take up any employment whilst in the country. With the general student visa however, a student can study in the UK for up to 12 months (or more in some cases) and is permitted to work. Watch the video below to learn more about the new General Student Visa or ,to read more about all adult student visas and the child student visas , please visit the UK Border agency website .

Crucially only reputable language schools licensed under Tier 4 of the new Points based System will be permitted to act as sponsoring institutions on student applications. Students will thus benefit by knowing they are applying to bone fide teaching institutions where they will receive an excellent education.

As a company with a long established reputation in the provision of quality language courses , Language Studies International has received licenses for all its UK schools: LSI London Central, LSI London Hampstead , LSI Cambridge, and LSI Brighton.

Something to consider before booking a course with LSI: as the new Points Based System requires a visa application for each licensed institution, if you are intending to split your studies between several of our UK schools you may need to apply for a visa for each school before your arrival in the UK. Please contact our schools directly if you have any queries regarding this.

LSI Berkeley welcomes Dr. Babacar Ndoye: United Nations healthcare specialist

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

LSI Berkeley gives a warm greeting to Dr. Colonel Babacar Ndoye, from Senegal, who has joined our Intensive program. Dr. Ndoye works in the Ministry of Health and Medical Prevention in Dakar. His work involves improving the country’s healthcare delivery system. He is a West African expert on the subject of patient safety and on the prevention of nosocomial infections – that is, infections that are a result, rather than a cause, of hospital treatment.

As a result of this expertise, Dr. Ndoye has founded and now runs a program within the Ministry of Health in Senegal that has successfully trained healthcare workers in every hospital and clinic in the country in the improvement of patient care. Dr. Ndoye worked for ten years to pass Senegal’s first law on the safe management of healthcare waste. This law has just been signed by the country’s president and put into action.

Dr. Ndoye has already made himself a beloved member of the school, through his great spirit and warm heart.


A Successful Year for LSI

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Our marketing team have been encouraged by LSI’s strong performance this year attracting many students from all over the world. UK marketing manager , Serkan Ozturk, enthused “The student profile we used to have in LSI has changed a lot since I joined in 2001 and it’s evolving each year. Even I’m sometimes surprised at this rate of change.”

Mr. Ozturk went on to outline some of these dramatic changes, “I guess 2008 will mainly be remembered as the year for Saudi Arabian students. Due to the King Fahad scholarship programmes there was a huge increase in Saudi students mainly in LSI’s UK schools, especially at LSI Brighton and LSI Hamsptead . This not only added to the nationality mix at these schools but also meant an increase in the exam classes we were able to offer at these locations , which was great for all the students. LSI Auckland and LSI Christchurch in New Zealand were as successful as ever with students mainly opting for the 12 week courses. Canada, especially LSI Toronto was a success story too, not only with aforementioned Saudi students but with students from all over the Middle East (many of which provided scholarship for their citizens). Due the introduction of the university pathway programmes for 2009 ,we are forecasting even greater student numbers this year.”

“The story doesn’t end here either,” he continued. “ We have seen an increase in Swiss students opting for our schools in San Diego and Vancouver, a third of our new students in the UK are coming from Colombia, this is especially at LSI London central, and our Brisbane has become a popular choice for our Brazilian students and not forgetting the many Mexican students in Toronto. For us in marketing all this is just numbers and statistics, but for those who run the schools and courses it means more than that. It represents one big, diverse family of students. The LSI Family.”

“Isn’t it great. The whole LSI family, no single dominating nationally and lots of happy students. According to one survey, 98% of our students were satisfied in 2008 and nearly all of them would recommend LSI to a friend or family member. I guess it was more than the name or reputation of LSI, or the brochure and all the hard work gone into the marketing. It was down to one simple thing – the human factor, our colleagues in the schools making it happen, alternating between their roles as teachers to those of friends and counselors whenever needed.”

English at Work – successful start into 2009

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

LSI Zurich – LSI’s Zurich school is extending their ‘English at Work’ program run on LSI Zurich’s LSIcorporate platform, an e-learning tool successfully developed and implemented in 2007 and 2008 by LSI Zurich’s Stephan Lendi for a major Swiss insurance. The program was tested and was first used in continental Europe with over 2500 employees at the insurance. Further ‘English at work’ sessions are being planned, fostering not only grammar, reading, writing and listening skills but also stressing cultural aware issues, i.e. cross-cultural training, which has been highly appreciated by employees, as much as HR, as cultural awareness skills have been becoming crucial in organizations operating globally. Three further sessions at various levels of the European language portfolio are planned for 2009.

LSI Brisbane praised for the school’s Excellent Service to students

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Our language school in Australia, LSI Brisbane, has been pleased with the result of a recent Routine Monitoring Visit from NEAS, Australia’s National ELT (English language teaching) Accreditation Scheme. The LSI Brisbane report card says that LSI Brisbane meets NEAS Standards and Criteria in all respects.

It goes on to add that the school is professionally managed, with an excellent system of policies and procedures in place. There is a commitment to the provision of a high level of service to the students

Some of the other comments were

  • The English language teaching programs are very well organised
  • There is ongoing evaluation and review of procedures and curricula
  • There is a wide range of resources available for teaching and teacher reference.

We’re delighted that our school has been recognised as providing good service to students. LSI Brisbane is a great place to LEARN AND LIVE THE LANGUAGE.

English UK invites LSI teacher to speak at Annual Conference

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008
James Munday, Director of Studies at LSI Brighton

James Munday, Director of Studies at LSI Brighton

English UK, the prestigious national association of accredited English language centres, has invited James Munday, the Director of Studies at LSI Brighton, to present a talk and workshop at their annual conference in London this November. Although more accustomed to the less daunting environment of the classroom, James has nonetheless presented workshops and seminars for various institutions during his teaching career, and relishes the opportunity.

“It is a real privilege to be invited to speak at such an event. Teachers come to this conference from all over the UK and it will certainly raise the profile of LSI, speaking volumes for the academic excellence we endeavour to develop here. Developing motivation in the classroom is not an easy challenge for teachers and students to meet, but I hope that by sharing some of the tips I have researched over the years everyone can leave the conference with something positive and useful”.

2008 Excellence Award | LSI Brisbane

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Excellence award for LSI Brisbane

Brisbane – Good news as LSI Brisbane is once again recognised for its academic and service achievements, this time by global giant Language

Based on a review of over one thousand of its clients LSI Brisbane’s feedback was universally excellent. The criteria was customer satisfaction about the quality of services provided by various academic institutions.

The win came as no surprise to Business Development Co-ordinator Laurence Stallman “I feel, that although this is obviously an honour, it is also deserved recognition of all the hard work that LSI Brisbane’s staff do.” Principal Ronda Dove added “this is an extremely pleasing result”.

However LSI Brisbane will not become complacent and will continue to strive to improve services and maintain a professional but friendly atmosphere. We would like to add our thanks to our colleagues at LSI worldwide for helping us. Well done also to LSI San Diego which also picked up an award!