Excellence Award for LSI San Diego

Every year global giant Language Courses.Net present their Excellence Award to top language schools and colleges. We are excited to annouce that for 2018 LSI San Diego is once again recognized for the high standard of our courses and service.

What is the Excellence Award Presented For?

Lauguage Courses sends students to over one thousand colleges, schools and academic institutions. They then carry out an annual review  of their customers  asking for feedback. LSI San Diego’s feedback was universally excellent. This award follows on from several years of  similar succes for the school.

The staff at LSI San Diego continuously strive to ensure the best and most immersive experience for their students. We thank our colleagues at LSI worldwide for their continued support for both our staff and clients and look forward to continuing to uphold this history of excellence and innovation.

To find out more about studying at LSI San Diego , you can visit our website.

Excellence Award for LSI San Diego