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Halloween Party for LSI students in London

Friday, November 3rd, 2017

This year, the teams at LSI London Hampstead and Central went all out to celebrate Halloween. A Halloween party was organised in a hip Islington Venue, the Taproom, and students from both schools were invited to attend. As usual there was a fancy dress competition during which even Santa made an appearance. Students and staff had great fun parading along the Halloween catwalk. The LSI London Central team then had the solemn task of choosing the winner. A scary drag queen was presented the winning prize of a day trip to a UK destination of their choice.

In addition to the fancy dress parade, students were treated to the screening of short horror films. These films had been made by students in class earlier in the week, and were watched with great hilarity. There was also a scary quiz with students teaming up to beat students from the opposing school.  A Halloween party celebrated with much fun and frivolity and without a single pumpkin in sight!

Halloween Party organised by LSI London Central and London Hampstead

Find out how students in other LSI schools celebrated Halloween.

A Successful Year at LSI Independent Sixth Form College

Saturday, July 1st, 2017

LSI  Sixth Form College has come to the end of a very busy, productive and successful year.

In all, 54 different A level exam papers were taken by our students in a wide variety of subjects between April, when the Modern Foreign Language oral exams started and the end of June. The list of subjects demonstrates the diversity of A Levels taken this year.

Full List of A levels taken this year

  • Economics
  • English Language
  • French
  • German
  • Latin
  • Maths
  • Modern Hebrew
  • Psychology
  • Religious Studies
  • Sociology
  • Statistics

With students preparing for exams in other subjects such as Art, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics and Politics next year, the range will be even wider.

Our students are now going on their long summer vacation, to recuperate from their exertions.  We wish them a well deserved break.  They are eagerly waiting for their results on Thursday 17th August.

 Class at LSI Independent Sixth Form College


Open Afternoon at LSI Independent Sixth Form College

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

LSI Independent Sixth Form College held a very successful Open Afternoon on Wednesday 10th May.  The London college welcomes UK and international students, aged 16 to 19,  who want to take A level qualifications. A levels are the standard qualifications accepted by UK universities.

Parents and students were very interested in hearing about the recent ISI Inspection report, which highlighted the excellent and outstanding features of the Sixth Form College such as the high standard of teaching, the outstanding pastoral support for students and the excellent further study and careers advice.  On their tour of the college, parents and students were able to see Economics, Mathematics, Spanish, Sociology and Psychology lessons in action. There were also opportunities to talk to some of our current students and teachers.  All in all, it was a very pleasant occasion.

LSI Independent Sixth Form College class

Fun classes, informal approach !

Future Open Days at LSI Independent Sixth Form College

The next Open Afternoon is at 3pm on Wednesday 21st June. If you would like to attend please email the college on In addition,  you call the school directly on +44 (0)20 7794 8111.

London Hampstead’s Recent ISI Inspection Report

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

We’re very proud of our recent Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) inspection report and thought we’d share some highlights with you:

The quality of the curriculum, teaching and learners’ achievements is excellent.

There is outstanding support for students with specific educational needs on the A level programmes.

Students’ work is regularly assessed and they receive very high quality feedback on what they need to do to improve.  Consequently, students make excellent progress in their studies.

The systems for supporting students under 18 years are excellent, contributing to effective safeguarding practice.  Pastoral care is excellent with staff promptly identifying and supporting students’ individual needs.  Students receive high quality information and advice on further study options.

Pastoral support is excellent.

Students under 18 years are well monitored and teachers provide highly effective support and care.

Further study and careers advice is excellent, providing plenty of opportunities for students to consider and plan their future study and career options.  Support for A level students is outstanding, providing students with very high levels of support and guidance.

Students receive excellent levels of individual support, attention and care. 

Student support and care are outstanding, contributing to high educational standards.

The policy and procedures to advise and assess students applying for A level courses are excellent.

Teachers have excellent subject knowledge and are highly skilled.

Achievement levels are high.

Attainment and progress are excellent.

Students report that they are very happy with the progress they are making.  Attendance levels are high and punctuality is excellent.

The arrangements for health, safety and security of premises are excellent.

The quality of premises is excellent.  Buildings are comfortable, clean and well maintained, providing an attractive and safe environment for everyone.

Student areas provide refreshments and a comfortable environment well used by students who report high levels of enjoyment in socialising with their peers.


LSI offers A levels at our new Sixth Form College in London

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

In September LSI opens its inaugural sixth form college aimed at London based and international students intending to study A levels for access to UK universities.

LSI Independent Sixth Form College offers A and AS level courses in a wide variety of subjects. A levels are the standard  entrance qualification accepted by UK universities. In addition, the College provides Oxbridge preparation for students who wish to study at the University of Oxford or Cambridge, two of the world’s most prestigious universities. College director, Dr. Sean Buckley, brings 30 years experience in the teaching of A levels and is the best selling author of ‘Getting into Oxford and Cambridge’.

The college is located in an large, elegant, 19th century building in the leafy London suburb of Hampstead. Classrooms are large and fully equipped with the latest technology including interactive whiteboards and large screen TVs. There is also a brand new , specially designed laboratory for our science programmes. Class sizes are small and led by experienced and committed teachers.


For more information about the courses, prices and dates , visit the LSI Independent Sixth Form website.

Table Tennis Tournament at LSI London Hampstead

Monday, April 14th, 2014

The Winners with their Trophy

Deep inside the depths of our school in London Hampstead, it’s possible to discern the faint tap tap tapping of a table tennis ball in constant motion. This year’s table tennis tournament has proved to be highly popular and hotly contested by both the LSI staff and students. For weeks before the tournament started competitors found themselves vying for time slots to hone their skills. Due to the high numbers of entrant (twenty-four in total!) it was decided to make it a doubles tournament. Spread over an entire week, disappointed contestants were knocked out in first rounds, quarter finals and semi-finals. Nicely representing different sections of the LSI population, students Yusuke Yamauchi and Kota Kimura, both from Japan, faced teachers James Butcher and Michael Sisley in the finals. With fellow LSI students and staff watching in support, the contestants battled for points over two closely fought matches with the teachers finally emerging victorious. Lifting the trophy (a box of chocolates) both James and Michael claimed the moment as the highlight of their table tennis careers to date! Watch the match highlights  below.

Opera Performance at London Hampstead

Friday, March 28th, 2014

LSI London Hampstead experienced a rare treat last week when Ukrainian student Milana Sarukhanya performed Opera and Modern Classics to an enraptured audience. Despite being a busy lunchtime, the hall and stairways were packed with students, teachers and staff as hush descended as school director Sally Muse introduced Milana. Incredibly at only 18, Milana is already a consummate performer singing an aria from the Italian opera Gianni Schicchi by Giacomo Puccini, a Russian romance and finishing with the George Gershwin classic Summertime (click here to listen to the full audio recording or see below a short video extract ). It’s difficult to believe with her talent and confidence that Milana is not already treading the boards of more prestigious stages than LSI so we had to find out more about her plans for the future and where she got her love of Opera .

Milana grew up in the Crimea in Ukraine and whilst none of her family were musicians,  her mother had always dreamed of becoming an actress and so when Milana started to show interest in singing and opera at the incredibly young age of 5, her mother was eager to nurture her fledging talent. From the age of 8 years old Milana received singing lessons and finally at 15 years old she began the rigorous training to become an opera singer.

“My mother was the one who has really supported and inspired me to achieve my ambition to become a professional opera singer. I owe so much to her. For me London was the best place to come to pursue this dream. England and Germany are universally acknowledged as the best places to study opera right now to be trained in the best techniques. Also there are many more job opportunities here than at home.”

It seems that Milana is now close to achieving her dream as she has been offered a place at the prestigious Royal Academy in London to study Opera and has applied for the “Raffy Manoukian” scholarship to help fund her course. As a non-native English speaker Milana is also required to demonstrate her English language level and so she is currently studying on the IELTS course at London Hampstead.

“I have enjoyed my time here at LSI. The teachers are great and I have made lots of friends. It was so nice that so many students and staff came to watch me perform. I really appreciated it guys!”

All of us at LSI wish Milana all best with her future studies and career. We’re sure we’ll see her name up in lights sometime soon!

LSI London Hampstead celebrates ‘Red Nose Day’ and raises £500 for charity!

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Last Friday LSI London Hampstead raised a fantastic £500 for Comic Relief, a charity working across the world to combat poverty and social injustice. Students and teachers came together to participate in a range of money making activities including the buying and selling of cakes in the school lounge and singing karaoke in front of the whole school. Some brave teachers even volunteered to have wet sponges thrown at them in an attempt to raise more money for the Comic Relief cause.

Every class played their part: Intermediate 3 sang a version of the Beatles song ‘Ob la di ob la da’, and an Upper-Intermediate group were sponsored to wear their pyjamas to school, making an impressive total of £92 in sponsor money in the process.

School director, Greg Wickline, praised the efforts of the staff and students “Everybody put a lot of work into making the day a really special one. Not only did we manage to make a lot of money for charity, but we also had a good laugh!”

LSI London Hampstead students and teachers having fun on Red Nose Day

LSI London Hampstead student receives go-karting trophy

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Congratulations to Jonathan Goldberg for coming second place in the regional East Anglia Trophy meeting! Jonathan only took up go-karting two years ago and  regulary competes for his local club (AS Kartland, Nelun) in the 125 gearbox category.

“My parents were always worried about how aggressively I used to drive on the roads and so they were really happy when I took up go-karting as I can now take my aggression out on the track.”

When Jonathan finished his masters in marketing and business last year he knew he needed to improve his English to enhance his job prospects. However , whilst he was able to leave family and friends behind in France during his 5 month course at London Hampstead,  his precious go-kart just had to come with him. Even choosing accommodation proved to be problematic as he needed to have access to a garage where he could store his go-kart.

It seems Jonathan is a one man team fulfilling the role of  mechanic, engineer and of course driver. “To win you need to be lucky, have achieved the best setting for the chassis, and maybe have a little bit of skill and courage,”  he stated modestly.

LSI student competing in East Anglia go-karting championshipThe competition took place over two days at Hunts Kart Racing Club, near Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire. With over 200 competitors this is a popular meeting. In the 125 gearbox category ten people were competing. During  the qualifying and heat 1 rounds , Jonathan did not get off to a flying start.  After  a poor time in the qualifiers , he was only able to line up on sixth position of the grid for Heat 1. 

“The first day was a really bad day. In Heat 1 I had my worst crash ever when I swerved to avoid a car in front that had spun after a slight collision. It forced me onto the grass at 100 mph. I was lucky that all I did was to bruise my back but I ruined my steering column and had to buy another so I could be ready to compete the next day. I felt really depressed by the end of Saturday but I was determined to do better the next day”

Due to the accident Jonathan had been unable to finish Heat 1 and therefore was only placed eighth on the grid for Heat 2 . Jonathan though had the ride of his life moving up into third. Similarly in the pre-final Jonathan finished the race second having started sixth on the grid. In the final, lining up second on the grid , Jonathan felt very confident and was able to maintain his position to win second overall position in the 125 gearbox category.

Speaking to school director Greg Wickline about his recent success, Jonathan claimed, “I am so happy to have won this trophy. When I go home to France I am going to give it to my father. If it wasn’t for his encouragement I wouldn’t still be go-karting.I feel so lucky.”

A Smart New Look – LSI London Hampstead gets a makeover

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Our London school, LSI London Hampstead, holds a special place in company director David Immanuel’s heart. It is from this spot  back in 1965 that Language Studies International first took tentative steps into the world of language teaching. Certainly the school building is an impressive one. Built in the late 1870s this large Victorian building, orginally  a home for a wealthy London family, is ideally suited to its present day educational use.

“All the classrooms here are a generous size and with the high ceilings it makes the rooms feel even more spacious. We have an amazing garden too which is in constant use during the summer with a whirl of BBQs and sporting activities. The students just love it,” comments school director Greg Wickline.

Over the last year there have been quite a few changes to the building itself. This winter the entire outside of the building has been given a fresh new coat of paint, the  reception area has had a revamp and some toilet facilities have been redecorated (with plans to do two more this year). All in all it is a much smarter place to study and work. Why not come and find out for yourselves?