Table Tennis Tournament at LSI London Hampstead

The Winners with their Trophy

Deep inside the depths of our school in London Hampstead, it’s possible to discern the faint tap tap tapping of a table tennis ball in constant motion. This year’s table tennis tournament has proved to be highly popular and hotly contested by both the LSI staff and students. For weeks before the tournament started competitors found themselves vying for time slots to hone their skills. Due to the high numbers of entrant (twenty-four in total!) it was decided to make it a doubles tournament. Spread over an entire week, disappointed contestants were knocked out in first rounds, quarter finals and semi-finals. Nicely representing different sections of the LSI population, students Yusuke Yamauchi and Kota Kimura, both from Japan, faced teachers James Butcher and Michael Sisley in the finals. With fellow LSI students and staff watching in support, the contestants battled for points over two closely fought matches with the teachers finally emerging victorious. Lifting the trophy (a box of chocolates) both James and Michael claimed the moment as the highlight of their table tennis careers to date! Watch the match highlights  below.