Memories of Studying at LSI London Hampstead

As a company, Language Studies International likes to think that taking a course at one of our many language schools is more than just a learning experience ; it is infact a moment in your life that you will treasure for many years to come. We recently received the following message from  a student who studied at LSI London Hampstead over ten years ago. Judging from her comments below, she obviously enjoyed her time in the UK.

kyoko“Hello! The other day I found the website of LSI. My name is Kyoko Hida from Japan. I was at LSI Hampstead for about 2 months to study English, it was a decade ago. Although the time I was there was many years ago, I still remember how wonderful your school was. I felt like my dear old home to know some new information about LSI on the internet,  that was why I contacted you.

I enjoyed my stay in the UK very much, especially at your school as all the people there were very nice.The English classes were sometimes very difficult for me to understand, but at least I could enjoy the international atmosphere. And also the English sentences and words I have learn there are still very useful to use my English skills for everything.

I know that it is late to send my thank-you, but I do appreciate all the people there very much.”