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LSI UK Students Raise Money for Charity

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

lsi-hampstead-rnd-09According to an English tradition, Friday the 13th is considered unlucky… but not this year and certainly not for Comic Relief !

Started in the UK in 1985, the international charity Comic Relief is already well known for fund raising for worthwhile social projects mainly in Africa. This year the UK branch of the charity selected the 13th of March as its focal point for a huge gamut of fund raising events. A staggering £60 million pounds was raised !

Following on from Comic Relief’s call to Do something funny for money , LSI teachers and  students certainly joined in with the spirit of the occasion.  Donning their red noses, iconic symbols of the charity, students at LSI Hampstead took part in a variety of events aimed at raising money for Comic Relief. The events ranged from fun auctions where students bid for free One to One lessons, to selling an astonishing array of international foods made by the LSI students themselves, to more sedate quizzes where students were asked to identify their teachers from a series of youthful photos. It was an incredible day with much fun being had by all and an amazing £167 was raised during all the havoc and mayhem.

We’d like to say many thanks to the wonderful generosity and spirit of fun of all the teachers and students at LSI Hampstead.

Panamanian Visitors at LSI London Hampstead

Monday, March 9th, 2009

panama_studentsIn February 2009, LSI London Hampstead hosted a group of ten students from Panama. For the majority, it was their first time to the UK and they were justifiably excited to live and study in London for four weeks. During their stay, LSI organised an extensive programme of activities for their afternoons and weekends, which included visits to the main attractions in the city (British Museum, Tate Modern, Science Museum, Tower of London), West End Musical nights (We Will Rock You, Wicked) and trips to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Bath and even a 3-day trip to Paris.

On their arrival, they had the opportunity to experience a snowy London, which they greatly enjoyed as it was the first time they had seen snow!

On their return to Panama they sent a heartfelt thankyou letter and this picture. They loved their stay so much that they all bought the same t-shirt! Thank you, Panama! We hope to see you soon!

Seasonal Fun at LSI London Hampstead

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

winter_wonderlandMany visitors to London will know  the UK’s capital city benefits from relatively mild Winters. In recent years, this has been increasingly true with well known Spring flowers appearing in February rather than in April. This year though,  has bucked this trend.

In February, London received around 12 cms of snow, turning the city landscape into a beautiful winter wonderland. Unused to such quantities of snow , the London Transport system failed to cope and many LSI teachers and students had to arrive at school on foot. The LSI London Hampstead school luckily has a large garden and our students took advantage of this by indulging in snow ball fights and building a huge snowman.

“I come from a hot country and I don’t see snow like this before. I love it. Please snow more,” commented an LSI student from Brazil.

“It’s not all work here at LSI. It’s great to take time out and have fun, ” said the LSI London Hampstead school director, Tania Valentin.”Plenty of opportunities to learn some different kind of vocabulary for the occasion!”

London has sadly returned to normal after the excitement of the snow, until the next time ………

English for Teaching – a New Course Offered by LSI

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

exam-class-june-8-2006-delBrand new for 2009 , LSI are offering  the exciting TKT course to students who, as non native speakers of English, would like to learn more about teaching English. The TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test), one of the widely respected Cambridge ESOL examinations, is ideal for all existing teachers whatever their back ground as well as those who would like to take up teaching. Although the TKT is not a teaching qualification in itself, the course content is primarily about the teaching of English and will therefore give any potential student a good foundation to pursue any further teaching qualification.

The course focuses are the following key areas:

  • the different methodologies of teaching
  • the ‘language of teaching’
  • finding, creating and effectively using resources
  • the main aspects of effective lesson planning
  • classroom management methods for different needs

As a highly specialised course , the course is presently only offered in some of our language schools. At present the following schools offer TKT :

In CanadaLSI Vancouver
In EnglandLSI Cambridge
In the USALSI New York and LSI San Diego
In New Zealand LSI Auckland
In Australia LSI Brisbane.

To read more about our TKT course and dates when this course is available , please read our TKT information sheet.

LSI Berkeley welcomes Dr. Babacar Ndoye: United Nations healthcare specialist

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

LSI Berkeley gives a warm greeting to Dr. Colonel Babacar Ndoye, from Senegal, who has joined our Intensive program. Dr. Ndoye works in the Ministry of Health and Medical Prevention in Dakar. His work involves improving the country’s healthcare delivery system. He is a West African expert on the subject of patient safety and on the prevention of nosocomial infections – that is, infections that are a result, rather than a cause, of hospital treatment.

As a result of this expertise, Dr. Ndoye has founded and now runs a program within the Ministry of Health in Senegal that has successfully trained healthcare workers in every hospital and clinic in the country in the improvement of patient care. Dr. Ndoye worked for ten years to pass Senegal’s first law on the safe management of healthcare waste. This law has just been signed by the country’s president and put into action.

Dr. Ndoye has already made himself a beloved member of the school, through his great spirit and warm heart.


LSI Videos Posted on Youtube – See the Real LSI

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009
Funny? Then see the video...

Funny? Then watch the video...

Studying at one of  LSI‘s many language schools can be a great experience, not to mention tremendous fun. Why not view some of our vidoes clips posted on Youtube?

One example is LSI New York’s 2008 end-of-the-year holiday bash showing two skits which have now been posted on Youtube! To see a combined pre-intermediate class song and dance version of Jingle Bell Rock go to: YouTube – the Jingle Bell Rock . Another combined group of post-intermediate and advanced students created a witty comedy skit about customs and immigration in the United States – complete with a Naomi Campbell impersonation. To see excerpts go to: YouTube – Naomi Campbell in Customs and Immigration

We’re very proud of the range of creativity demonstrated by our teachers and students here at LSI New York, and in all our many schools!