LSI Berkeley welcomes Dr. Babacar Ndoye: United Nations healthcare specialist

LSI Berkeley gives a warm greeting to Dr. Colonel Babacar Ndoye, from Senegal, who has joined our Intensive program. Dr. Ndoye works in the Ministry of Health and Medical Prevention in Dakar. His work involves improving the country’s healthcare delivery system. He is a West African expert on the subject of patient safety and on the prevention of nosocomial infections – that is, infections that are a result, rather than a cause, of hospital treatment.

As a result of this expertise, Dr. Ndoye has founded and now runs a program within the Ministry of Health in Senegal that has successfully trained healthcare workers in every hospital and clinic in the country in the improvement of patient care. Dr. Ndoye worked for ten years to pass Senegal’s first law on the safe management of healthcare waste. This law has just been signed by the country’s president and put into action.

Dr. Ndoye has already made himself a beloved member of the school, through his great spirit and warm heart.