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LSI Zurich launches new website at

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

LSI Zurich has just received a new digital face. Not only have graphics been exchanged, but an advanced CMS has been implemented and advanced website features have been installed to optimally suit the complex needs of LSI Zurich. The stakes were also high: initially the fear was that LSI Zurich’s google ranking could possibly be jeopardized (LSI Zurich’s website has been LSI’s best optimized and best-ranked website being place 1 for over 5 years on all relevant markets). LSI Zurich school director Ian Cryer did his utmost to minimize this risk and put Stephan Lendi in charge of SEO, who had optimized LSI Zurich’s original website. The results are more than convincing, not only regarding SEO.

Ian Cryer, Director of LSI Zurich, is more than happy with the new site, “The website perfectly fulfills our needs. LSI Zurich is the only LSI school running daytime and evening courses, in-company courses and an extensive high school program in addition to a business offering which includes not only traditional courses but also online support, e-learning and online testing. This is essentially why LSI Zurich was in charge of developing the new website prototype.”

LSI Zurich’s website is actually a prototype for other LSI sites. Currently Stephan Lendi together with LSI Paris school director Emanuel Viret and marketing assistant Christelle Margalho as well as LSI’s programmer Venelin are developing the redesign and re-launch of LSI Paris’ website LSI’s German website is also being created at the same time.

Stephan Lendi, who has just completed his MBA in global marketing and global communication sees further advantages.”The website also optimally fulfills our needs regarding marketing research. At LSI we want and need to stay on top of things and ahead of our competitors. Continuous evaluation of our service quality as well as our offering is crucial especially as a basis for R&D.“

We all wish the Zurich and Paris teams continued good luck with the redesign of and

LSI’s iPhone app reaches 10’000 downloads

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

lsi_language_test_iphone_appLSI’s Language Test app has been downloaded over 10’000 times. For the two project managers Stephan Lendi and Ian Cryer (LSI Zurich ) it is not however time to relax.

“We are currently working on version 2.0, improving not only the graphics of the app, but adding further content, while improving the app structure,” states Stephan.

In version 2.0 which can be expected in autumn 2010, vocal guidance is added in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. In addition to the multiple-choice grammar tests, version 2.0 enables students to test their listening, writing and even their speaking skills. With LSI being the first provider of iPhone/iPod app language tests, Ian Cryer and Stephan Lendi are confident, that version 2.0 will further strengthen the lead of LSI regarding iPhone/iPad language testing.

To find out more about our current Language test app you can visit out iPhone page or visit iTunes and type in LSI to download it.

A field trip to Zurich by the Metropolitan College New York (MCNY)

Monday, May 10th, 2010

LSI’s strategic partnership with the Metropolitan College New York brought MBA students to Zurich, Switzerland and London, UK for one of their field trips. As part of the MBA sessions taught, marketing, law and the media were covered in addition to LSI-related projects and analyses.

Students in Zurich enjoyed a team-taught Swiss banking secrecy class. Lecturers Terrence Spaeth (LLM), USA and Stephan Lendi (MBA), Switzerland, aimed to show students the underlying laws and principles, while debating and contrasting Swiss, American and German perspectives.

As part of the media session in LSI Zurich taught by Stephan Lendi (MBA), the case of the local Zurich radio market currently dominated by license trading issues was studied and possible solutions debated for the case of NRJ Zurich. Subsequently, the students, many of whom study media management, got to enjoy a tailor-made tour at NRJ Zurich: Christian Kramer (NRJ) addressed NRJ’s impressive marketing and social media strategies, and Stephan Lendi (MBA) gave students an idea of acoustic branding principles, while producing a radio commercial for MCNY in real-time, live and on the spot . Listen to the Radio commercial, voice over by Stephan Lendi, produced by the students with the help of senior station designer and sound engineer Andy Mejuto.

Students as well as the lecturers have greatly enjoyed their collaboration and are looking forward to future sessions, where LSI and MCNY join forces.

Under the Spotlight – LSI becomes a case study for MBA students

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Based at the Manhattan Campus of the Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY) , LSI New York has over many years established a mutually beneficial relationship with MCNY. Indeed, LSI New York offers one of the designated ESL programs  permitting international students to follow on their LSI language courses by studying  a huge array of degree courses at MCNY.

Due to this tradition of close cooperation between  (MCNY) and LSI New York, LSI was only too happy to help out when approached by a group of MBA students asking to use LSI as a case study for their MBA program. These 25 students set out to focus on three main strands of the LSI business: Finance, Media Management and General adminstration. Initially meeting were held with the Director and staff at LSI New York but then spread out to include seminars and discussions with many of the top LSI management, LSI marketing , and culminated in a two-week trip to Europe visiting our schools in London and Zurich. The intention for this first phase of the project is to produce some recommendations for LSI as to how we can further improve our business. We look forward to hearing what they have to say!

English at Work – successful start into 2009

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

LSI Zurich – LSI’s Zurich school is extending their ‘English at Work’ program run on LSI Zurich’s LSIcorporate platform, an e-learning tool successfully developed and implemented in 2007 and 2008 by LSI Zurich’s Stephan Lendi for a major Swiss insurance. The program was tested and was first used in continental Europe with over 2500 employees at the insurance. Further ‘English at work’ sessions are being planned, fostering not only grammar, reading, writing and listening skills but also stressing cultural aware issues, i.e. cross-cultural training, which has been highly appreciated by employees, as much as HR, as cultural awareness skills have been becoming crucial in organizations operating globally. Three further sessions at various levels of the European language portfolio are planned for 2009.