LSI Zurich plays the good samaritan with a free course for a struggling FCE student

LSI Zurich was recently approached by EnergyZurich ( NJR), the number radio station in Zurich, to help provide a language course to an FCE student who had been let down by her previous college. NJR  has a regular show which helps out young adults who are facing a difficult situation. A few months ago, our school was contacted by the radio station about a young student called Deborah  who was struggling financially after  completing  a course at another language school and had then subsequently failed the crucial FCE exam  (the internationally recognised Cambridge First Certificate of English) that she needed to continue her studies abroad.

NRJ asked LSI Zurich to step in to help Deborah. It was agreed that NRJ and LSI would share the costs of  a new FCE course and exam, and after several weeks of studying at LSI under the expert tutelage of Mick Cavanagh, Deborah was successful at her second attempt. Ian Cryer, school director of LSI Zurich,  felt it was a positive move all round . “As a result of helping this student out, we have received a lot of  free air-time  advertising at the radio station which is great, especially when you consider that the core audience for the radio station is exactly the same young adult  market that  our courses are aimed at. We have been able to raise brand awareness about LSI promoting the wide variety of course we offer, whilst having a great deal of fun!”