A field trip to Zurich by the Metropolitan College New York (MCNY)

LSI’s strategic partnership with the Metropolitan College New York brought MBA students to Zurich, Switzerland and London, UK for one of their field trips. As part of the MBA sessions taught, marketing, law and the media were covered in addition to LSI-related projects and analyses.

Students in Zurich enjoyed a team-taught Swiss banking secrecy class. Lecturers Terrence Spaeth (LLM), USA and Stephan Lendi (MBA), Switzerland, aimed to show students the underlying laws and principles, while debating and contrasting Swiss, American and German perspectives.

As part of the media session in LSI Zurich taught by Stephan Lendi (MBA), the case of the local Zurich radio market currently dominated by license trading issues was studied and possible solutions debated for the case of NRJ Zurich. Subsequently, the students, many of whom study media management, got to enjoy a tailor-made tour at NRJ Zurich: Christian Kramer (NRJ) addressed NRJ’s impressive marketing and social media strategies, and Stephan Lendi (MBA) gave students an idea of acoustic branding principles, while producing a radio commercial for MCNY in real-time, live and on the spot . Listen to the Radio commercial, voice over by Stephan Lendi, produced by the students with the help of senior station designer and sound engineer Andy Mejuto.

Students as well as the lecturers have greatly enjoyed their collaboration and are looking forward to future sessions, where LSI and MCNY join forces.