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LSI Zurich Celebrates St Lucia

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

December 13 is Saint Lucy’s Day. Also known as St Lucia, she is mainly celebrated in Scandinavia where her day becomes a festival of light. This year, LSI Zurich celebrates St Lucia with a special evening of ‘light’.

As part of the theme of light, there was an exhibition room where students showed their art & craftwork. Examples of our students creativity included candle holders made by Hans and a photographic slide show produced by Rafael. In the room next door, LSI Zurich’s German students gave performances for all the language students.  Some enacted  a Dürrenmatt poem whilst others presented a sketch based on an old Grimm’s fairy tale. Later in the evening staff and students listened to Christmas stories and pulled crackers. There was even a  blazing fire and soul-warming Christmas food. A hint of Xmas magic was definitely in the air.

However the  highlight of the evening was perhaps the performing dog that brought the Brechtian-style fairy tale to life – it almost stole the show. It  reminds us that our students are not just language learners. We discovered a lot about their hobbies and interests during the run up to the show!

LSI Zurich celebrates St Lucia with an arits and craft exhibition

Swedish Swallows Return to LSI Zurich

Thursday, July 6th, 2017

The return of swallows to northern skies is usually taken as one of the first signs of summer. At LSI Zurich our swallows return in June every year and they come from Sweden!

For over 15 years LSI Zurich have been hosting Swedish students from STAFFANGYMNASIET, a grammar school in Söderhamn, about 180km north of Uppsala. LSI Zurich director, Ian Cryer met up with the group over lunchtime sandwiches to find out what they thought about the classes and their overall experience with us.

Swedish Swallows at LSI Zurich - Swedish group over lunch

First, how did they find the teaching at LSI? It seems the students were both surprised and challenged by their classes. Apparently teaching in their Swedish school focuses on language recognition, not production. So whilst many of the group could read and understand complex texts, they still had difficulty speaking full sentences. The LSI approach of presenting language items, practising them, then moving on to free production was new and enjoyable. It meant our having to adapt by relocating some of them into lower level classes and their having to adapt by stepping up to the plate.

Only two of the students chose to stay with host families this year. The rest found furnished flats in the Sihlcity area of town about 20 minutes tram ride away from school. While missing out on the built-in language practice that living with a host family provides, they appreciated the independence. This was, after all, their first adventure abroad without adult supervision. Not that they weren’t checked up on! During the second week, their school principal and two other members of staff came by to visit. They sat in lessons with their students, recorded feedback and before leaving we discussed how the programme can be fine-tuned next year to make it even more successful.

All in all, a positive experience for everyone involved. We look forward to welcoming more Swedish swallows in June 2018.

LSI Zurich welcomes our Swedish swallows



A Family Concern – Lucy Cryer reviews her time at LSI Zurich

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

At LSI we often feel proud of our reputation for providing a supportive, family atmosphere in many of our schools. In some schools however, the sense of family is  quite literal. Ian Cryer has been director at our school in LSI Zurich for nearly 20 years now, and has often encouraged his children to participate in school activities over the years. His daughter Lucy, who is about to embark on a new stage of her life, looks back at her time working with LSI and discusses the different skills she has developed whilst working here. Over to Lucy …

“I started work at LSI Zurich in August 2013. After completing a 3 month internship, I took over responsibility for the school’s social media presence (Facebook, Instagram & co). One of the first projects I was involved in was our Celebrating 60 anniversary in 2014. The main events were all posted on social media. However, when reviewing our Facebook Page, I noticed our international German students (Generation Y & Millenials) were liking the pictures, but our local evening course students (Generation X) weren’t really responding. I realised, not all students are on social media; they needed other ways to connect.”

“This became one of my new roles. As social coordinator I have tried to organise activities for all our students. One example was the Christmas Story Night last year. International students read Christmas texts in German; local Swiss students read them in English. The two sides of the school were able to connect and meet in person. The pictures were uploaded to social media and students not yet online were encouraged to go online. A link between real and virtual worlds was built. I feel proud of what I have achieved and enjoyed the time I have worked at LSI . Working as an intern at LSI is a great opportunity!”

Uniting LSI Zurich's local student and International students at Xmas Story Night

Uniting LSI Zurich’s local student and International students at Xmas Story Night

If Lucy’s story has interested you in working as an intern at LSI , why not contact our Marketing team for more details.

Looking Back Over 60 years in LSI Zurich’s Special Anniversary Brochure

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

2014 marks the diamond jubilee year for LSI Zurich and in celebration of the school’s longevity in the competitive world of language schools, the LSI Zurich team have put together a remarkable anniversary brochure. The publication tracks the story of the school from its inception in 1954 right up to the present day, showing its evolution decade by decade through stories related by students and other key figures, showcasing the ever changing logos, and old newspaper cuttings and photos.

LSI Zurich stands out as being  a little different amongst the LSI schools. Originally conceived as a school to teach English in Zurich it has since expanded to offer the study abroad programme common to all LSI schools, plus in-company language training, a high school programme and evening classes in French, Italian, Spanish, German and of course English. Incredibly LSI Zurich has engendered such a sense of loyalty amongst some long-term students that they have been studying at the school for 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years! The message is clear when you listen to the students’ voices, LSI Zurich is more than just a language school it’s a community of life long friends sharing a common interest. Check out Celebrating 60s at LSI Zurich and watch out for future Jubilee events coming in June, July and August!

Brochure memorabilia page

Brochure memorabilia page

Zurich: Some interesting facts

Monday, January 27th, 2014

LSI school director Ian Cryer has put together some fascinating facts about Zurich for this month’s blog item. For instance, did you know …

Albert Einstein attended the University of Zurich, where he later became professor.75 percent of the people that live in Zurich do not own their own accommodation, they rent. 

Tina Turner lives in a surrounding suburb of Zurich.


There is no primary or junior school for children on Wednesday afternoons.


Public transport is very popular in Switzerland. Zurich main station (right), with 2915 trains visiting every day, is the most frequently-served railway station in the world.


Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland with a population of 380,000.


Zurich has been acclaimed (six times in succession!) as the city with the highest standard of living in the world. In 2012 Monocle Magazine rated it the most ‘liveable’ city in the world.


There is one restaurant for every 180 inhabitants.


Zurich’s Street Parade, which takes place in early August each year, is probably the largest techno-dance party in the world.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Zurich train station

The Bahnhofshalle

Zurich Street Parade

Zurich Street Parade

Celebrating 60 Years at LSI Zurich

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Hanife with Charlotte Burgat

2014 is an important year for LSI Zurich. We have been teaching languages here for 60 years. Our history started in the middle of the Cold War. A young Swiss graduate, Charles Jenny, came back from an educational visit to the UK with a vision: to open an English language school in Zurich and start promoting study abroad programmes at one of the language schools that had recently opened their doors in London. He named his school „Two Cities Club Ltd“ and went into business in the autumn of 1954 – in a couple of rented rooms with copies of Reader’s Digest as course books.

60 years later and the school is still here. „LSI Switzerland Ltd“ now teaches 5 languages locally and sells courses abroad at over 15 LSI schools worldwide. Our longstanding collaboration with LSI began in 1980. In 1999 we became a full LSI school and German is now the main language we teach. Charles, however, is not forgotten. Were it not for his vision of bringing people together through the medium of learning a foreign language, our school would not be here and there would be no 60 years to celebrate. So, why not join us . . . in our jubilee year?

LSI School Locations in the Lonely Planets Best 10 cities to visit

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

It seems LSI really knows how to pick them when it comes to choosing the best locations for our language schools!  This year the Lonely Planet, the international best selling travel guide, features four of our home cities as fantastic places to visit, and of course to study. Paris topped the list at number one, whilst Zurich, Vancouver and Auckland also gained places in this prestigious top 10.

Paris has been praised for its push towards a greener approach to city life (less car traffic, more pedestrian and cycle ways, the creation of beautiful ‘floating gardens’) and for its renovation of beautiful old building such as the Marais mansion. According to the travel guide, ‘The world’s most beautiful city in now even more beautiful’. Paris
Zurich it seems has been chosen by the Lonely Planet, not for the beauty of its location next to Lake Geneva or the stylish architecture, but for the wonderful nightlife, fine dining and bijou cafes. In short, Zurich is the place to go to have fun and with the European Athletic Championships due to be held in August, it’ll be awash with fit young people wanting to experience all that Zurich has to offer.
According to the Lonely Planet, the beauty of the natural surroundings, the mountains, parks and sandy beaches are the top draw for Vancouver. The city itself is praised for the big city look but small town friendliness that it exudes. We’d certainly agree with the travel guide which says you can never be bored in Vancouver, there is simply so much to do : skiing, snowboarding, biking , swimming ….. Just don’t choose Vancouver for a rest !
Last but certainly not least comes Auckland. This hip capital city, the largest city in New Zealand , boasts a great arts and culinary scene and with an amazing coastal hinterland to explore it offers so much more than most large cities. Auckland’s revitalised waterfront districts such as Wynyard Quarter, offer trendy shopping experiences and great dining precincts. With a packed calendar of festivals and events it’s almost impossible not to visit and find something different and exciting to do!

Take a look at the Top 10 cities for 2014 according to the Lonely Planet.

Latest Version of the LSI App available for download at the Apple Store

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Version 2.0 of LSI’s language Test App was released in late October and since then has been downloaded well over 2’500 times. In addition to the original multiple-choice grammar test of version 1.0, the updated App also tests reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. It is downloadable to your iPhone, iPod and, for the first time, to your iPad. At the moment, version 2.0 tests English only. French and German tests will be added in 2012. Visit the App Store and type in “LSI” to try it for your-self or email to find out more.

LSI Zurich team up with Swiss radio station Energy Zurich to celebrate the recent British royal wedding

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

On the 29th May, billions of people around the world were glued to their screens to watch the pomp and pageantry of the wedding of  Prince William to Kate Middleton right in the historic heart of London. Many of the LSI London Hampstead and LSI London Central students were able to watch the events first hand by standing along the wedding route. It was a trully amazing experience, a day none of those who witnessed it will ever forget.

Not to miss out on the occasion, LSI Zurich teamed up with Energy Zurich, the leading radio station in Zurich, to celebrate in their own inimitable way. The  LSI Zurich staff devised a difficult ‘Royal wedding ‘ quiz which was aired online. All the contestants had to do was answer 15 tricky questions relating to the royal couple with the winner receiving the amazing prize of a a free all inclusive  two week language course at LSI London Central. For two weeks prior to the wedding, LSI were regulary  on air to advertise the quiz, creating so much interest that several thousand participated in the quiz and visited the LSI Zurich website.

Our lucky winner was Deny Ammann, who not only managed to answer all 15 questions correctly but did so in a super fast time.  As part of the prize Deny will receive a free flight to London, free accommodation with one of our excellent Host families and receive two weeks of intensive language tuition all right in the heart of London. Deny will soon be off to London. Who knows Deny might even get to see the royals in person but will definitely get the chance to improve his English at our LSI London Central school.

LSI Zurich celebrates the royal wedding

LSI Zurich plays the good samaritan with a free course for a struggling FCE student

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

LSI Zurich was recently approached by EnergyZurich ( NJR), the number radio station in Zurich, to help provide a language course to an FCE student who had been let down by her previous college. NJR  has a regular show which helps out young adults who are facing a difficult situation. A few months ago, our school was contacted by the radio station about a young student called Deborah  who was struggling financially after  completing  a course at another language school and had then subsequently failed the crucial FCE exam  (the internationally recognised Cambridge First Certificate of English) that she needed to continue her studies abroad.

NRJ asked LSI Zurich to step in to help Deborah. It was agreed that NRJ and LSI would share the costs of  a new FCE course and exam, and after several weeks of studying at LSI under the expert tutelage of Mick Cavanagh, Deborah was successful at her second attempt. Ian Cryer, school director of LSI Zurich,  felt it was a positive move all round . “As a result of helping this student out, we have received a lot of  free air-time  advertising at the radio station which is great, especially when you consider that the core audience for the radio station is exactly the same young adult  market that  our courses are aimed at. We have been able to raise brand awareness about LSI promoting the wide variety of course we offer, whilst having a great deal of fun!”