Celebrating 60 Years at LSI Zurich

Hanife with Charlotte Burgat

2014 is an important year for LSI Zurich. We have been teaching languages here for 60 years. Our history started in the middle of the Cold War. A young Swiss graduate, Charles Jenny, came back from an educational visit to the UK with a vision: to open an English language school in Zurich and start promoting study abroad programmes at one of the language schools that had recently opened their doors in London. He named his school „Two Cities Club Ltd“ and went into business in the autumn of 1954 – in a couple of rented rooms with copies of Reader’s Digest as course books.

60 years later and the school is still here. „LSI Switzerland Ltd“ now teaches 5 languages locally and sells courses abroad at over 15 LSI schools worldwide. Our longstanding collaboration with LSI began in 1980. However 1999 we became a full LSI school and German is now the main language we teach. Charles, however, is not forgotten. Were it not for his vision of bringing people together through the medium of learning a foreign language, our school would not be here and there would be no 60 years to celebrate. So, why not join us . . . in our jubilee year?