A Family Concern – Lucy Cryer reviews her time at LSI Zurich

At LSI we often feel proud of our reputation for providing a supportive, family atmosphere in many of our schools. In some schools however, the sense of family is  quite literal. Ian Cryer has been director at our school in LSI Zurich for nearly 20 years now, and has often encouraged his children to participate in school activities over the years. His daughter Lucy, who is about to embark on a new stage of her life, looks back at her time working with LSI and discusses the different skills she has developed whilst working here. Over to Lucy …

“I started work at LSI Zurich in August 2013. After completing a 3 month internship, I took over responsibility for the school’s social media presence (Facebook, Instagram & co). One of the first projects I was involved in was our Celebrating 60 anniversary in 2014. The main events were all posted on social media. However, when reviewing our Facebook Page, I noticed our international German students (Generation Y & Millenials) were liking the pictures, but our local evening course students (Generation X) weren’t really responding. I realised, not all students are on social media; they needed other ways to connect.”

“This became one of my new roles. As social coordinator I have tried to organise activities for all our students. One example was the Christmas Story Night last year. International students read Christmas texts in German; local Swiss students read them in English. The two sides of the school were able to connect and meet in person. The pictures were uploaded to social media and students not yet online were encouraged to go online. A link between real and virtual worlds was built. I feel proud of what I have achieved and enjoyed the time I have worked at LSI . Working as an intern at LSI is a great opportunity!”

Uniting LSI Zurich's local student and International students at Xmas Story Night
Uniting LSI Zurich’s local student and International students at Xmas Story Night

If Lucy’s story has interested you in working as an intern at LSI , why not contact our Marketing team for more details.