Zurich: Some interesting facts

LSI school director Ian Cryer has put together some fascinating facts about Zurich for this month’s blog item. For instance, did you know …

Albert Einstein attended the University of Zurich, where he later became professor.75 percent of the people that live in Zurich do not own their own accommodation, they rent.

Tina Turner lives in a surrounding suburb of Zurich.


There is no primary or junior school for children on Wednesday afternoons.


Public transport is very popular in Switzerland. Zurich main station (right), with 2915 trains visiting every day, is the most frequently-served railway station in the world.


Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland with a population of 380,000.


Zurich has been acclaimed (six times in succession!) as the city with the highest standard of living in the world. In 2012 Monocle Magazine rated it the most ‘liveable’ city in the world.


There is one restaurant for every 180 inhabitants.


Zurich’s Street Parade, which takes place in early August each year, is probably the largest techno-dance party in the world.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Zurich train station

The Bahnhofshalle

Zurich Street Parade

Zurich Street Parade