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British Council Safety Survey for UK students offers a Prize Draw

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

The British council is inviting all international students presently studying in the UK to participate in their  online survey (last date of entry 2 April). The survey is aimed at finding out students’ attitudes towards their own personal safety. Questions are asked regarding how safe students feel in their schools, in the city locations where they are studying and in their accommodation. The survey is undertaken every couple of years to help the British Council update the information booklet Comfort Zone which provides useful advice to students about ensuring their stay in the UK is safe and enjoyable.

If you are one of LSI’s students at our schools in London Central, London Hampstead, Cambridge or Brighton, why not take part in the survey and get entered for the prize draw? The survey takes about 15 minutes to fill in and who knows, you might be the lucky person who walks away with the top prize, £100 worth of Amazon tokens courtesy of the British Council.

A Big Thank You to LSI San Diego

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

All of LSI San Diego is very sad to say good-bye to our wonderful long term student Bandar from Saudi Arabia whose last day will be this Friday. Bandar has been studying English here since last July! When he was asked about what he will miss from our school it was easy for him to find his answer:

“The teachers. All the staff is very good – especially the teachers. LSI is a very good school. They are very flexible. They helped me with many many things. A big thank you to everyone at LSI San Diego”

It is always sad for us to say good-bye to students. But we always hold out hope that they will be back soon!

Volunteering work at WOG – a report by Dalibor Vartovnik

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

My journey as a volunteer for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games (WOG) in Vancouver  all began when I talked to my LSI teacher Mia. She came up with the idea to volunteer for WOG . I applied for the position the next day  and then waited for an answer. A couple of months later, whilst I was preparing for my FCE exam at LSI Vancouver, I had an unexpected call. I had been choosen for as a volunteer!

Before the Olympics started I did a couple of training courses. They told me that I would be working in residential services in one of the buildings in the Vancouver Olympic village dealing with everyday athletes’ needs and residential issues.

Then the Games started. The atmosphere in the village was amazing. Everybody was nice and there was a smile around every corner. The volunteers did excellent work with lots of positive feedback. Because  I am from the Slovak Republic I was placed in the building with the Slovak athletes. I was so happy: working for WOG and meeting athletes from all over the world, it  could not have been any better. I was living in a dream. During my time in the athletes’ village I met many great people from whom I learnt a lot and received a lot of support. I made many good friends and we became like a small family.

Now the Olympics have ended but my journey as a volunteer has not finished yet. I will be working as a chaperon for  the Paralympics for the anti-doping section. I am looking forward to this job too.

At the end I want to thank LSI and all Vancouverites for warmly welcoming me and for the opportunity that they gave me. All of this would not have  happened with out them.

A unique experience – a report from Kayo Yamaguchi

Monday, March 15th, 2010

“I have been lucky enough to be studying at LSI Vancouver during the last few months and was  in this wonderful city when the Oympics was on. I really enjoyed the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.  Of course, some problems happened too.  For example, I needed to line up everywhere for a long time.  Even at pubs where I didn’t need to line up at before the Olympics, and at stations and pizza stands! There were just so many visitors. All the famous places like Robson Street and Granville Street were impossible to walk down because of all the people. It wasn’t all problems though…”

“I was really moved so much by everything, and it was especially great to see the Opening Ceremony at BC Place because the audience was like one big team.  They cheered for the Olympics and enjoyed it together.I also enjoyed the atmosphere in Vancouver and I was especially impressed about how much Canadians love ice hockey!  Everybody was staring at the TV watching ice hockey and screaming and getting very excited during ice hockey matches. I had never seen an ice hockey game in Japan, but when I return to Japan I will watch Canadian ice hockey game on the internet. I really love it now.”

“Sadly my studies are coming to an end in Canada. I have really enjoyed my time here at LSI Vancouver  and I love the Canadian people. I am not returning home to Japan quite yet. As I have enrolled on one of LSI’s multicentre coures I will now be going to study at LSI San Diego. I am looking forward to seeing what it will be like to study and live in the the USA. I hope I enjoy it as much as my stay in Canada”

The Winter Olympics – Reviews by LSI Vancouver Students

Friday, March 12th, 2010

All eyes were on Vancouver recently as Canada hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics. We asked some of our students at LSI Vancouver to give their thoughts about what it was like to live and study in an Olympic city.

Marvin Muñoz is currently studying for a Cambridge exam (CAE – Certificate for Advanced English ) at LSI Vancouver.

“Being in Vancouver for the Olympics was an amazing experience for me, especially because I am from Mexico so perhaps that will be the only chance I’ll ever have to really experience the Olympics from first hand. I even had the opportunity to go to a couple of events (2 hockey games) and I will remember that forever. ”

Fellow student Jeongmin Lee from South Korea also enjoyed the experience.

“I saw the opening ceremony of 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics in a pub with other LSI students. It was really crowded there. It was like when we held the 2002 World Cup in Seoul, Korea. It was such a good experience for me. I am lucky to visit Vancouver during the Olympic season! I will never forget it. Go Canada Go!”

Our next Olympic city will be London in 2012. Can you imagine what it might be like to study at one of our two London schools  (London Central and London Hampstead) whilst the Olympics are on? Judging by the comments from our LSI Vancouver students, it will be an opportunity not to be missed!

The House of Switzerland – Working and studying at LSI Vancouver

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

My name is Anita Kropf and I  studied English at LSI Vancouver. The day I arrived in Vancouver I had no idea what to expect of the adventure I was about to start. From September to December 2009 I worked every morning in the Swiss Consulate General and in the afternoon I studied at Language Studies International (LSI) . LSI is such a nice place with so many friendly people! This was a big opportunity for me to make some really good friends, to have fun and to improve my English. I really loved the mix between school and work.

After leaving LSI I  worked full time at the ‘House of Switzerland in Canada’ , the official Swiss guest centre set up in Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics. It was a lot of hard work, not enough sleep, but I met some very interesting people (including athletes),and went to many parties … O my god, it was an amazing experience and I shall never forget those days! The House of Switzerland in Canada was a great success as you can see from the numbers:

  • Over 60,000 guests
  • 4 tonnes of cheeses from Switzerland and 2 tonnes of Lindt chocolate consumed
  • 1,700 facebook fans, 580 Twitter followers
  • 8 medal celebrations (6 Gold, 2 Bronze)- including Simon Ammann who won the first Gold medal of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games
  • Anticipated to raise $10,000 Canadian dollars for Streetohome, a Vancouver-based charity, including a sizeable cash donation from Lindt
  • 36,000 Swiss pins given-away

I will never forget the time in Canada and would love to thank everybody who was somehow involved in this great experience! Thank you too to LSI Vancouver who gave me the confidence with my language skills to take on this challenge.