A unique experience – a report from Kayo Yamaguchi

“I have been lucky enough to be studying at LSI Vancouver during the last few months and was  in this wonderful city when the Oympics was on. I really enjoyed the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.  Of course, some problems happened too.  For example, I needed to line up everywhere for a long time.  Even at pubs where I didn’t need to line up at before the Olympics, and at stations and pizza stands! There were just so many visitors. All the famous places like Robson Street and Granville Street were impossible to walk down because of all the people. It wasn’t all problems though…”

“I was really moved so much by everything, and it was especially great to see the Opening Ceremony at BC Place because the audience was like one big team.  They cheered for the Olympics and enjoyed it together.I also enjoyed the atmosphere in Vancouver and I was especially impressed about how much Canadians love ice hockey!  Everybody was staring at the TV watching ice hockey and screaming and getting very excited during ice hockey matches. I had never seen an ice hockey game in Japan, but when I return to Japan I will watch Canadian ice hockey game on the internet. I really love it now.”

“Sadly my studies are coming to an end in Canada. I have really enjoyed my time here at LSI Vancouver  and I love the Canadian people. I am not returning home to Japan quite yet. As I have enrolled on one of LSI’s multicentre coures I will now be going to study at LSI San Diego. I am looking forward to seeing what it will be like to study and live in the the USA. I hope I enjoy it as much as my stay in Canada”