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New University Pathway for LSI Vancouver

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

LSI Vancouver have just signed a university pathway agreement with the prestigious Acsenda School of Management. This local business college offers degree programmes in business management.  LSI students will now be accepted onto the college’s undergraduate courses once they have attained a C grade or higher on the LSI Cambridge CAE course .

Business Courses at Acsenda

A BA in Business Administration takes 4 years to complete. However students with credits from degree programmes at  recognised universities worldwide can transfer these to Acsenda. In this case, degrees courses at the college can take up to 2 and half years to complete. While studying at Acsenda,  international students can work up to 20 hours a week. After finishing their programme they can apply for a post graduate work permit, enabling them to work in Canada for as long as they had studied on their degree course.

We feel that this new pathway agreement presents an exciting opportunity for both current and future LSI students.  Our students can continue their studies whilst acquiring highly marketable skills in business management.

Teachers’ Longevity at LSI Vancouver is Sign of a Great School

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

At LSI Vancouver, we’re proud of our teachers and our school. Apparently our teachers are so happy at the school that once they start they never want to leave. Most of LSI Vancouver’s teachers have been with us for 15 years or more including the star team Bernard and Steve (both 22 years), Linda (21 years), Chloe (21 years) and Ken (17 years).

With all those years of teaching behind them, we are confident of the excellent learning environment we offer.  Our teachers know how to inspire our international students teaching them not only English but the local culture too. Thanks to all the amazing teachers for all those years of hard work!

Vancouver teachers sitting in front of LSI banner

World Student Day at LSI Vancouver

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

LSI Vancouver took part in the 2015 World Student Day held Friday June 12, 2015 at Robson Centre. This event brought together many ESL schools and allowed their students a chance to meet and share their experiences in a fun filled day. All the students who attended were given a ticket for a free slice of pizza and drink. Students mingled with fellow students and stopped at different activity tables being run by the participating schools. A live band played on a stage and many students took the floor to show off their dance moves.

Manning the LSI Vancouver desk

Manning the LSI Vancouver desk

Schools tried to attract and entertain students to their tables, in many creative ways. Free pictures in provided costumes and ping pong matches. A Canadian classic, shooting plastic hockey pucks at a goalie in net as well as a giant Jenga set of blocks that once built, challenged students to see how many pieces they could remove before it collapsed.

This year at the LSI table students took turns launching ping pong balls into plastic cups. Each student was given 3 chances to shoot a ball into a group of plastic cups. All the students that stopped by to try their luck were given a little prize for taking part and all the successful students won a LSI backpack if one of their 3 shots landed in a cup.

The event started at noon and lasted until 5 pm. As you can see from the pictures everyone enjoyed the day and left with some more fond memories of Vancouver.


Typcial Canadian Entertainment – ice hockey!

Find out more about living and studying in Vancouver from our team at LSI Vancouver.

August Feature Destination – LSI Vancouver

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Last week students at LSI Vancouver decided to visit one of the most popular parks in Vancouver, Queen Elizabeth Park. Students had a chance to check out one of the best views in the city from Queen Elizabeth Park! Next they went inside the Bloedel Conservatory to visit with some noisy parrots and enjoy the beautiful plants and flowers. It’s totally worth the $5 entrance fee! Later, some of them decided to end the day with some delicious beers from around the world. We thought it would be a perfect opportunity to provide you with a bit more information about these activities in Vancouver!


LSI Vancouver students enjoying the view from Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park:Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver’s horticultural jewel, is a major draw for floral display enthusiasts and view-seekers, and as a popular backdrop for wedding photos. At 152 metres above sea level, it’s the highest point in Vancouver and makes for spectacular views of the park, city, and mountains on the North Shore. The 52-hectare park is home to the stunning Bloedel Conservatory. There is also a gorgeously landscaped quarry garden, the arboretum with its collection of exotic and native trees, sculptures including one by internationally renowned artist Henry Moore, and diverse recreational offerings such as tennis, lawn bowling and pitch & putt. The park is also the perfect setting for fine dining at Seasons in the Park, a picnic or stargazing!

Students enjoying the tropical plants in Bloedel Conservatory

Bloedel Conservatory:Experience the colours and scents of the tropics year-round! Bloedel Conservatory is a domed lush paradise located in Queen Elizabeth Park atop the City of Vancouver’s highest point. More than 200 free-flying exotic birds, 500 exotic plants and flowers thrive within its temperature-controlled environment. Constructed through a very generous donation from Prentice Bloedel, Bloedel was dedicated at its opening in 1969 “to a better appreciation and understanding of the world of plants.” Designated as a heritage building, it is jointly operated by Vancouver Park Board and the VanDusen Botanical Garden Association. Together, these partners also operate VanDusen Botanical Garden.

Students at Biercraft Restaurant sampling the specialities

Biercraft Restaurant:With 2 locations, Biercraft is a restaurant with an extensive list of over 120 Belgian and Craft beers, local cask beer and a regionally inspired menu of tapas and bistro food. Using local producers and suppliers whenever possible, Biercraft uses the freshest ingredients and supports the local economy.

Craft-beer is growing as an industry in Vancouver

Vancouver’s booming craft-beer industry:Over the past several years, Vancouver has seen a shift in consumption from imported to the less expensive domestic beers and a move away from the brand name beers to beers made by microbreweries. Many microbreweries use the crystal-clear waters of the Rocky Mountains and the rich ingredients produced by BC’s mild climate, including hops, barley, honey, yeast, raspberries, cherries and other season fruits which results in fresh-tasting beer with more complex flavors.

The best way to sample Vancouver’s locally brewed beers is to visit the many brewpubs around the city.

We’d love the opportunity to introduce you to some more wonderful places in Vancouver – come study with us at LSI Vancouver!

LSI Canada Schools Become Designated Learning Institutions

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Good news! Both LSI Toronto and LSI Vancouver have recently been approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) as Designated Learning Institutions in the International Student Program and therefore are able to accept students who come to Canada on study permits. Under new CIC regulations, as of June 1, 2014, all students who come to Canada on study permits will be required to attend only Designated Learning Institutions.

The new regulations will not affect students who come for less than 6 months, who are still able to study on a tourist visa.

New Mini Group for Pre-intermediate Students

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Due to increasing interest in our Mini Groups courses, LSI are now offering a new type of Mini-Group course. In addition to our existing Mini-Groups for intermediate to advanced level students, we are now introducing a course for pre-intermediate level students allowing them to benefit from the intensive, more tailored-made character/structure of small group classes. Whilst the main focus of language teaching will be on General English, there will also be opportunities to cover aspects of Business English specifically requested by the students. The small group environment ensures students profit from more in-depth teacher feedback about their language learning and how to achieve their next language targets.

Key Features of the course:

  • Pre-intermediate level of English required
  • 20, 30, 40 lessons per week (check with individual schools for lesson options available)
  • Participants: maximum 5
  • Minimum age: 21
  • 1 lesson: 45 minutes (in the USA and Canada 50 minutes)
  • Courses begin every Monday

The new Mini Group is available at our schools in  Auckland, Berkeley, Boston, London (central)  , New York, San Diego, Toronto and Vancouver. For more details contact the schools directly.


Mini Group at LSI London Central

Application Deadline for the Language Coop Work and Study Programme in Canada

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Over recent years, LSI have offered study and work programmes to our students at  LSI Vancouver and LSI Toronto as part of the Language Coop Programmes. However, due to new regulations introduced by the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada), the Federal government department that deals with visa applications, students applying from June 1st (2014) onwards will no longer be able to apply for work and study programmes at private language schools, including LSI.

For students who might be interested in a work and study programme at LSI and wish to apply before the new restrictions come into force, it’s essential that visa applications, requesting both study and work permits, are submitted before the May 31st deadline. Read more about the Language Coop Programmes and the application process here or contact LSI Vancouver and LSI Toronto directly.


A Rather Unusual Cambridge Class at LSI Vancouver

Friday, April 25th, 2014

Sometimes things in life just come together in an interesting way . LSI Vancouver school director Chris Beck explains what happened this spring on the Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) preparation course in Vancouver …

The CAE class - Ignacio far right, Tomoe far left, William and Jay centre

The CAE class – Ignacio far right, Tomoe far left, William and Jay centre

First, we got a booking from Tomoe Takano, who was a Japanese student at the school 8 years ago – but who has been in contact with LSI and a lot of our ex-students over the years. She had even visited many of the friends that she’d made in Vancouver visiting Korea, Taiwan, Germany, and Switzerland. I remember a lot of students in the 20 years I’ve worked at LSI, but sometimes what I remember is a little strange! My outstanding memory of Tomoe, for example, is that she was the cutest ‘Cat’ I ever saw at our Halloween party.

Next, Ignacio Portus from Chile contacted us about joining the spring CAE course. Instantly I thought what an  interesting coincidence it was to have two returning students in the same class. Ignacio had studied at LSI Vancouver three years before and was well remembered here because of how he grew from an insecure young man concerned only about himself into a popular leader amongst the students. During his recent visit Ignacio explained to me that he had become a more confident person because he felt “loved” here. “LSI gave me, at the right time, what I most needed: love and confidence to believe in myself.”  Ignacio even brought his best friend, Vicente, also from Chile, to study CAE with him.

Our next two students to join the class together were Jaeyeon Min (Jay) and William Morgenstern. They had both been students back in 2010. Jay recalled that on her first visit she had been at a pivotal point in her life. From Korea, she was unhappy with the usual expectations to get a ‘fancy job’.“Honestly, it was a trip to escape reality.” She was frustrated and unhappy because she felt uninformed about the world, immature and lost. At LSI Vancouver.”I learned how to respect other cultures and the important values such as fair-mind, passion and curiosity.” One day at school she was invited to another student’s birthday party.  Attending the same party was William who had only just arrived in Vancouver on his first ever trip alone from his native Germany. He was excited, but worried. “My worries soon disappeared. At LSI I met a lot of people from many different countries and made so many friends. It was such a different feeling than I ever had before in my life.The classes were very interesting and I improved my English quickly. I even celebrated my birthday in Vancouver and at the party I met Jay, my future wife, for the first time.”  After their studies Jay travelled to Germany to be with William. This lovely couple are now married and had decided to  come back to LSI Vancouver  again with their plan to go on  to university here.
Jay says ”LSI Vancouver is not just a language school which teaches you English. It provides a great combination of learning English and cultures which you can never learn in your own country. The greatest assets of LSI Vancouver are the teachers and staff. You can feel that you are not just a number to them. They care about you from their heart and are willing to help you to be successful and happy in your life. I do not feel any distance from them and can talk about anything with them from small talk to even a serious discussion about any topics – just like best friends. And believe me it does not matter how good your English is. The amazing fact is that the friendly and warm atmosphere which teachers and staff create affects students at the school as well. This small but lovely school has the power to make people’s minds open.”

A truly a heart-warming sentiment expressed by Jay and  what a wonderful experience to meet all these students again and to hear their reasons for coming back. I think you’ll all agree – a rather unusual class!

Christmas at LSI Vancouver with a Very Special Student

Friday, December 6th, 2013
Freddy with Holly, Shino and Chie

Freddy with Holly, Shino and Chie

This year we have an extra special ‘Gift’ at LSI Vancouver. His name is Freddy.

Freddy was a student with us in the springtime. He is a commercial pilot and an all round great guy. He made a lot of close friends when he was here.

During the summer Freddy was on a layover in Johannesburg, South Africa, with his flight crew, when something happened that changed his life forever.

As they were walking along a small African boy suddenly ran into the road just in front of a large truck. Without having time to think Freddy ran into the road caught the boy in his arms…but was hit by the truck and flew 15 metres in the air. The boy suffered a very badly smashed arm. Freddy was not so lucky. His back was broken and he had many other serious injuries. He was dead in the ambulance for 11 seconds before paramedics managed to use CPR to revive him.

Freddy was in hospital and rehabilitation for many months. One of his friends contacted everyone Freddy knows soon after the accident to explain the situation. We were all very upset. Some LSI Vancouver students who knew Freddy from his time here made a video for him in the hospital. On the video we all said that we wished him a speedy recovery and that we were all so proud of him.

These special friends helped Freddy to return to Vancouver this week. He can walk slowly and I am sure that he is often in pain – but his smile is from ear to ear. He is staying at one of the student’s apartment while he is here and we now have Freddy back in class for two weeks!

At our Christmas Party this year we are all going to have a potluck lunch where everyone eats together, then we will have a special demonstration of Japanese Culture from Morioka in Northern Japan, and finally we all sing Christmas songs and hopefully Santa Claus will hear us and come!

This year everyone gets a very special gift – the gift of life. In this case Freddy’s life. LSI wants to say “Thank You” to all the wonderful LSI Vancouver students who made this trip possible.

Please take just a moment in your busy schedule to think about how precious life is. Take a moment to hug all of your friends and everyone in your family – extra tight. This year we have an extra special ‘Gift’ at LSI Vancouver. His name is Freddy.

Merry Christmas!FBFreddyOnGuitar


LSI School Locations in the Lonely Planets Best 10 cities to visit

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

It seems LSI really knows how to pick them when it comes to choosing the best locations for our language schools!  This year the Lonely Planet, the international best selling travel guide, features four of our home cities as fantastic places to visit, and of course to study. Paris topped the list at number one, whilst Zurich, Vancouver and Auckland also gained places in this prestigious top 10.

Paris has been praised for its push towards a greener approach to city life (less car traffic, more pedestrian and cycle ways, the creation of beautiful ‘floating gardens’) and for its renovation of beautiful old building such as the Marais mansion. According to the travel guide, ‘The world’s most beautiful city in now even more beautiful’. Paris
Zurich it seems has been chosen by the Lonely Planet, not for the beauty of its location next to Lake Geneva or the stylish architecture, but for the wonderful nightlife, fine dining and bijou cafes. In short, Zurich is the place to go to have fun and with the European Athletic Championships due to be held in August, it’ll be awash with fit young people wanting to experience all that Zurich has to offer.
According to the Lonely Planet, the beauty of the natural surroundings, the mountains, parks and sandy beaches are the top draw for Vancouver. The city itself is praised for the big city look but small town friendliness that it exudes. We’d certainly agree with the travel guide which says you can never be bored in Vancouver, there is simply so much to do : skiing, snowboarding, biking , swimming ….. Just don’t choose Vancouver for a rest !
Last but certainly not least comes Auckland. This hip capital city, the largest city in New Zealand , boasts a great arts and culinary scene and with an amazing coastal hinterland to explore it offers so much more than most large cities. Auckland’s revitalised waterfront districts such as Wynyard Quarter, offer trendy shopping experiences and great dining precincts. With a packed calendar of festivals and events it’s almost impossible not to visit and find something different and exciting to do!

Take a look at the Top 10 cities for 2014 according to the Lonely Planet.