LSI Canada Through the Lens

With the recent move to our fabulous new premises in Vancouver and a makeover in Toronto, we felt there was no better time than the present to arrange some photoshoots .

At LSI Vancouver staff and students are really settling in well to our new school premises. We only moved in April and in the first few weeks we experienced a few slight hiccups, inevitable with such a momentous transition.  However it’s true to say now, that everyone is highly delighted with the move. With such amazing views from the windows it’s not hard to see why! Check out our Vancouver Gallery.

In Toronto, whilst we’re still in the same building, we’ve really spruced the place up. Stunning wall graphics adorn the communal areas, classrooms have been painted in bright LSI colours and stylish furniture installed in the lobby and main offices. The old flooring has been replaced with sleek, vinyl strip flooring. Classes are more interactive now with a smart TV installed in each classroom and an upgrade to the WiFi throughout the school. It’s definitely been a busy 18 months at LSI Toronto. The positive feedback from our current students, especially our long-term students, proves it’s all been worthwhile. Check out our Toronto Gallery.

We believe that the photographers have truly captured the great vibe in the schools and of course the amazing surroundings! What do you think?