Attending A LSI Pajama Party – A report from LSI Vancouver student Tânia Amorim

LSI Vancouver recently held a pajama party for its students. Pajamas, also called pyjamas and PJs, are a loose top and matching trousers that are  usually worn in bed so it was a bit of a surprise as well as great fun for the students to be invited to the party at school. One of the student’s , Tânia  Amorim from Brazil, decided to write about the experience.

“The ‘Pajamas Party’ was one of many creative ideas from my lovely teacher, Chloe. Initially it was only planned for our class but in the end the entire school participated! Our teachers, Chloe and Steve, had on some funny pajamas and there was a lot of laughter! It was amazing to see students saying “Good Morning” while wearing pajamas with cute teddy bears and slippers on. Can you see in the picture I took? Really, LSI Vancouver is the best English language school ever if a little crazy !!”