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Tai Chi Class at LSI London Hampstead led by World Champion Ye Yongxiang

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

When Ye Yongxiang “Lillianna”  first arrived at LSI London Hampstead over a month ago she stood out as being a very special and talented lady. At the age of only 27 she is the current world champion in Tai Chi (Yang Style) winning this prestigious title in the ‘International Kung Fu Championship’ held in Hong Kong in March this year. Following in the footsteps of both her grandmother and mother (who herself was world champion 20 years ago), Tai Chi has always been a fundamental part of her life. Brought up in Shanghai in a highly educated family imbued with traditional Chinese values, she has been studying Tai Chi from the age of three initially from her mother but then from one of the top masters in Tai Chi.

Lillianna receiving her Gold Medal with her mother

Lillianna receiving her gold medal with her mother

Lillianna uses descriptions such as ‘moving yoga’ and ‘eastern ballet’ to try and explain the grace and poise of Tai Chi to complete novices. Despite being  a martial art and thus a contact sport, the emphasis in Tai Chi is in inner strength and controlled movement rather than physical force and has strong meditative and religious undertones.

“Tai Chi encourages a person to be more reflective, spiritual even and I feel it helps to give a deeper understanding of life. It’s so beneficial too in many ways – it helps to improve your coordination, sense of balance and relieves stress. The only downside  for me is the gruelling training schedule which leaves very little time for socialising with friends and for relaxation.”

Lillianna in training

Lillianna in training

In addition to training, Lillianna teaches Tai Chi to students in Shanghai, some of whom are International students and business people. “My plan is to be able to teach at a higher level, maybe even internationally, and to do that I need to improve my English. I’m planning to take the IELTs exam and so decided to enrol on a course at LSI London Hampstead. Being here in some ways has been a bit of a holiday as I haven’t been able to do all my usual training and it’s been great fun socialising with my fellow students”.

Lillianna kindly agreed to give a demonstration lesson to her fellow students and teachers. After the initial warm up, Lilliana performed some classic Tai Chi movements before her enraptured audience and ended with teaching some basic Tai Chi movements. If you want to catch some clips of the class , check out our Tai Chi Class video.


New York Film Academy Workshop at LSI Berkeley

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Lights! Camera! Action! The New York Film Academy visited LSI Berkeley to show our students what acting, producing, and screen writing are all about. Academy reps, Tasha and Amy, led a group of students through some warm-ups and improv skits to get students up and moving. Students were excited to play around and express themselves in different ways through various acting games.

LSI USA has a conditional agreement with the New York Film Academy and can provide assistance for admission to this school through our University Pathways Program. If you’ve completed your English course at LSI and would like to pursue film, acting, or other fine arts degrees, we can help you! Contact Lauren Macdonald at for more details.

Get ready for the spotlight!

The Olympic Flame at LSI Toronto

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

2010 is truly an exciting time to come and study at one of LSI’s schools in Canada. This year the 2010 Winter Olympics will be held in Vancouver, presenting all our students based at LSI Vancouver with an excellent opportunity to see some of the sporting events at first hand. Not to miss out on the fun, the Olympic torch will be passing through many Canadian towns prior to the opening ceremony on the 12 February.

It seems Olympic fever has already hit Toronto. It was a cold evening in Toronto on the 17 December, but hundreds of people lined Yonge Street to cheer on the runner carrying the Olympic flame as he passed by LSI Toronto. Our students wasted no time recording this unique event.

LSI Videos Posted on Youtube – See the Real LSI

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009
Funny? Then see the video...

Funny? Then watch the video...

Studying at one of  LSI‘s many language schools can be a great experience, not to mention tremendous fun. Why not view some of our vidoes clips posted on Youtube?

One example is LSI New York’s 2008 end-of-the-year holiday bash showing two skits which have now been posted on Youtube! To see a combined pre-intermediate class song and dance version of Jingle Bell Rock go to: YouTube – the Jingle Bell Rock . Another combined group of post-intermediate and advanced students created a witty comedy skit about customs and immigration in the United States – complete with a Naomi Campbell impersonation. To see excerpts go to: YouTube – Naomi Campbell in Customs and Immigration

We’re very proud of the range of creativity demonstrated by our teachers and students here at LSI New York, and in all our many schools!