LSI on Video

At LSI we’ve been very busy lately with our current project – creating new school videos. Our aim is to give our website visitors a real insight into what it’s like to study at one of our schools. We plan to replace our existing videos over the next year with new ones that reflect the many changes that have taken place in the schools over the last few years as well as focusing more on the student feedback. Some videos also include interviews with the teachers themselves discussing what motivates them and how they get the best from their students.

We hope you find our fresh new series of videos informative and interesting and that it’ll encourage you to come and study with us. In addition to the school videos, we’ll also be releasing a video about our junior programmes with the same aim in mind. We’ll keep you posted! Check out our latest videos for LSI London Central, LSI Brighton, LSI Toronto, LSI Boston, and LSI New York.