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Movie and Games Nights at LSI Toronto

Monday, November 17th, 2008

At all our LSI schools we always aim to provide our students with not only an excellent learning environment but also with opportunities to relax and have fun. In our Canadian schools we frequently run our popular movie and games nights. Students get the chance to play interactive games and watch movies whilst getting to know their fellow classmates. It’s great fun as our students at LSI Toronto can testify to.

Here, one of our students, Javier from Mexico, focuses on making a-hole in-one. After school, students can play our Nintendo Wii as an alternative to real exercise. With so many sports to choose from you’ll ever get bored!

For those students feeling a little less energetic, at LSI Toronto, we organise movie nights once a week in addition to a full weekday social program. Here we have some eager students gathered in front of the big screen to watch “Edward Scissor Hands”.Do you have a movie you’ve been wanting to see? Just ask us, (and provided it’s not obscene), we’ll get the movie for you and play it after class finishes. At LSI Toronto, there are always plenty of cultural and fun things to do at the end of the school day.

A haunted Halloween | LSI Vancouver

Friday, November 7th, 2008

The ghouls and goblins descended on LSI Vancouver on October 31st to celebrate Halloween at LSI’s haunted Halloween party. There were activities like pumpkin carving, costume making and even a haunted house!

Students learned about the traditions of Halloween by working with their teachers to organize and run games, activities and a very scary house of horrors for their peers. There were refreshments like chips, drinks and candy (of course!) and lots of great costumes. Some students that didn’t bring costumes were dressed up by their classmates using everyday things like string, tape, and even toilet paper with surprising and sometimes hilarious results! Students also put the finishing touches on each other’s looks with Halloween makeup and scary hairstyles. Halloween stories were shared, lots of pumpkins were carved and students even bobbed for apples.

Near the end of the day students with the best costumes paraded in front of their classmates for a chance to win prizes – and the admiration of their peers! Since most students had never celebrated Halloween before, it was a great chance for everyone to learn about a fun Canadian tradition!