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A Student’s Perspective on LSI’s UK Schools

Sunday, January 24th, 2016

We always love to hear about students who enjoy their time at LSI so much that they decide to come back. LSI Brighton school director, Rachel Vallins, talked to one student, Eduardo Vera Abad, who has studied at LSI London Central, LSI Brighton and LSI Cambridge to hear about his experiences.

Rachel and Eduardo (far right) at a local pub with fellow students

Rachel and Eduardo (far right) at a local pub with fellow students

Rachel: So, Eduardo it’s your last day at LSI Brighton.
Eduardo: Unfortunately, it’s the last day. I would like to stay longer but sadly I have to go back to work. I’m already planning the next trip and of course it’s with LSI.
Rachel: Fantastic. How do you feel about leaving?
Eduardo: Well, I have to say I’m happy but at the same time I’m a little sad because I will miss the exciting English lessons,  the teachers,  the students, the ambience of the school, the city and many other things.
Rachel: How did your LSI story start? I believe you went to Cambridge first in 2015.
Eduardo: Yes, the first time was in Cambridge. It‘s a very nice school. It’s a fantastic city – I love the river. I spent a lot of time walking next to the river and the park. It’s lovely.
Rachel: After Cambridge, where did you go next?
Eduardo: I was in London Central, I spent three weeks there. London is a big city so I really needed more time.
Rachel: Why did you choose LSI?
Eduardo: I love travelling but I thought why not learn English at the same time? I think it’s never too late to learn a language and as long as I can, I will keep doing it. I will keep coming to England and why not once more to Brighton? Wherever you have a school,  I will go.
Rachel: If you had to compare the three schools, Cambridge, London and Brighton, what’s different about them and what’s similar?
Eduardo: It’s true that even in the same school the teachers are different and have different ways to teach. But I have to say that all my teachers in Cambridge, London and Brighton were lovely, very good and interesting. I couldn’t say which school I prefer.
Rachel: I’ve heard that you want to go to America and possibly some other LSI locations.
Eduardo: Yes, I’m thinking about going to Berkley or New York. I asked for a brochure. I’m planning to do a trip in October.
Rachel: Great. What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt from coming to LSI Brighton?
Eduardo: The vocabulary exercises have helped me a lot to learn more and helped me to remember, it’s very important.
Rachel: Thank you very much for this interview Eduardo. We’ll miss you.
Eduardo: Me too. I’ve really enjoyed my time, thank you.


Eduardo with classmates at LSI Brighton

Eduardo with classmates at LSI Brighton

LSI Cambridge’s Garden Transformation

Friday, July 11th, 2014

LSI Cambridge was delighted to finally complete the renovations to the garden this month, a project that has made a real difference to the students and staff of the school.

Over the past three months, we have cleared away an old building at the back of the garden and replaced it with a brand new office and library – a beautiful, purpose built space for students to self study in a peaceful, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

At the same time, we have increased the social space in the garden, removing an area of old scrub and bushes and replacing it with a beautiful wooden deck, where the students can socialize and chat at lunchtimes and after school and where we will be holding more and more of our world famous barbeque parties!

Cambridge garden before

Cambridge garden before

New Cambridge garden deck

New Cambridge garden deck

The new deck area for BBQs

The new deck area for BBQs

This part of the garden was used for bike storage

This part of the garden was used for bike storage

Now it's a beautiful new study space for students

Now it’s a beautiful new study space for students

And after!

And after!

And how did we manage all of this? The power of Ali and Agnes…

Ali and Agnes getting their hands dirty!

Ali and Agnes getting their hands dirty!









Come and visit us at LSI Cambridge and see the improvements for yourself!

‘Certificate of Good Conduct’ required for Group Leaders accompanying Under 18s to the UK

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

All LSI UK schools accept students from ages 16 years and upwards and in addition LSI London Hampstead, LSI London Hampstead Residential (King’s College), LSI Oxford and LSI Cambridge accept students from 13 years and upwards on our summer English for Juniors course. Presently any group leaders that come with a group are now required by law to demonstrate their suitability to work with children by  providing a Police ‘Certificate of Good Conduct’ or ‘ Certificate of Criminal Record’ from their country of residence.

The UK schools have been informed by the British Council Accreditation Body that in cases where leaders arrive at the schools without the appropriate checks completed, the group leaders will only be able to have limited access and responsibility for their students and any additional supervision will be undertaken by the school staff and thus may result in additional costs for the group. LSI therefore stresses to all the groups we work with the importance of obtaining the necessary documentation before arrival.

Refurbishment at the Willows Residence at LSI Cambridge

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

LSI Cambridge reopened the newly refurbished Willows Residence in January this year.  LSI originally purchased the Residence back in 2010 and since then the residence has proved very popular with our students resulting in the decision to extend and renovate the residence.  Working with a local company, we have added two new en-suite double rooms, two new studio flats, a new lounge and a brand new kitchen, taking the total to 12 rooms available to our students. We also took the opportunity to completely replace all of the washroom facilities, showers and furniture, meaning we now have the ideal of a beautiful Victorian property with all the modern creature comforts you would expect from a new-build. Check out these photos from the makeover.

The Willows Residence EntranceThe Willows The Willows Residence main shared kitchen Main Kitchen
The Willows double bedroom in studioDouble Bedroom The Willows Residence studio bathroomStudio Bathroom
The Willows Single bedroomSingle Room The Willows Residence studio KitchenStudio Kitchen
The Willows single room ensuiteSingle Room Ensuite The Willows Residence studio room ensuite Studio Bathroom The Willows Single room with deskStudy Area Single Room The Willows Residence single room with wash basin facilitiesBasin Only Single Room

Important Annoucement : TOEIC tests have been suspended in the UK

Friday, February 7th, 2014

LSI have received notification from the Educational Testing Service (ETS), the international body that administers the TOEFL and TOEIC exams, that TOEIC tests will be suspended in the UK until at least March 7. The TOEIC test scores are commonly used by applicants to demonstrate English language proficiency to the UK Visa an Immigration Office. ETS has been asked to suspend any further testing as a result of an on going investigation by the UKBA about the potential abuse of this testing system by some test takers.

Any students/test takers who have booked a TOEIC test at one of our UK schools will therefore have the test cancelled and the exam fee will be refunded. LSI will keep our students informed as to when the TOEIC will be resumed and students will be able to reschedule  the exam. LSI apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause. All other English language test (TOEFL, IELTS and the Cambridge Language Assessment examinations) remain unaffected by the UKBA decision.


Language Learning Tips from LSI Cambridge

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Chris George ADOS at LSI Cambridge
Chris George, an experienced teacher and Assistant Director of Studies at LSI Cambridge provides some wonderful tips on how students can improve their reading in the language they are studying.

  • Improving your reading skills can really improve other areas of English too, such as pronunciation, grammar and your range of vocabulary. What you read will usually determine how you read, and it certainly isn’t always necessary to understand every word you see.
  • When you are looking through a magazine or reading the news, you are probably ‘skimming’ the articles to understand the main idea. When looking at a train timetable, you are ‘scanning’ to find particular information, and when you read a novel for pleasure, for general understanding, you are reading extensively.
  • Read what you are interested in. Do not assume you have to read classic English Literature. If you like football read a football magazine. If your passion is cars, there are dozens of magazines and articles available. If fashion is your thing the choice is enormous.
  • There are also plenty of podcasts and videos online which have transcripts. Reading along with these can really help your listening comprehension, and pronunciation too
  • Don’t forget the local paper in your area. Some of the articles may not be very exciting but by reading them you improve your general reading skills and learn a lot about where you live. If you know what the important local stories are you have something to talk about with your host family or while you are waiting in the bus queue.
  • Don’t try to learn too many new words. Remember there is a difference between recognising a word and being able to use it. If you can remember and use two or three words every day you are doing well!
  • When you read, try to understand the general meaning of the text first, before you check new vocabulary. If you stop and check every new word you meet you’ll become discouraged, and your reading fluency will suffer. Can you guess the meaning of the vocabulary from the context and the words around it? Does it look like another word in English you already know? Is there a prefix? Is it positive or negative?
  • Remember that vocabulary is one part of a language. There are many other things you need to learn to improve your level, but if you make reading part of your regular routine, you’ll notice an improvement in lots of other areas of your English.

Fun and fascinating facts about Cambridge

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Did you know …

Medieval teacher and students Cambridge University was founded in 1209 by students from Oxford University. Rumour has it they moved to Cambridge because they were in trouble with the police in Oxford!
The University has over 29,000,000 books and receives a free copy of every book published in the UK every year. That’s quite a lot of reading… Triinity college library
Victorian footballers The first official game of football with rules we would recognise was played on Parker’s Piece, the big public park in the middle of Cambridge. It was played in 1848 between the City and the University. City won 2-1 with a late goal from a young Ryan Giggs.
The mathmatical bridge which crosses the river Cam was designed by Isaac Newton and is held together only by gravity with no nails, screws or fixings. Years later, students took it apart to try to understand how it worked, but couldn’t put it together again without screws and nails!This is the story told to tourists, because although the bridge is wonderful, Isaac Newton died 22 years before it was built! Mathmatical bridge in Cambridge
Hobsons River Hobson’s Conduit runs through the streets of Cambridge, bringing fresh water into the city from a ;local spring. It was built in 1610 to make sure travellers and their horses had something safe to drink when entering the city. We have always been kind to visitors!
In the 2011 United Kingdom census the population of Cambridge was 123,867 of which 24,488 were described as students. This helps to explain why they are so many students bars and cafes in Cambridge! Cambridge university students

Come and join us in Cambridge – we look forward to welcoming you to LSI Cambridge!

Moustache Growing at LSI Cambridge all in the name of charity

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

LSI Cambridge staff (male members only of course!) have been growing moustaches for a charity fund raising event. Throughout November they have participated in ‘Movember’, a charity campaign to raise money for Cancer Research.

School director Phil Scherb, and teachers Chris George and Paul Corey have all willingly sacrificed the clean shaven look for this worthy cause. And what a transformation. After an itchy month Phil and Chris are looking forward to the moment when they can shave. Paul however has not been so fortunate. It seems his family like the new look so much they have insisted he keeps his until after Christmas! Well done to all of you and for raising so much money for charity.

LSI Cambridge holds it first computer based FCE and CAE exams

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Cambridge Computer RoomLSI Cambridge was delighted to hold its first Computer Based FCE and CAE exams this weekend, and the examinees will only have to wait two weeks for the results! The exams took place in the new exam suite which has recently been completed in the renovated roof of the building. It can now comfortably sit sixteen exam candidates and is also used as a state of the art classroom. Before this, nobody had been in the room for over 100 years!

Student doing exam in new Cambridge computer roomWith genuine qualifications becoming more and more important, LSI Cambridge is delighted that we can now offer clients the chance to take the full range of Cambridge ESOL exams in the school, with dates available almost every month. We can now tailor courses and exams to suit groups as small as four, offering both more flexibility and a genuine internationally recognised qualification and certificate. For more information on the Cambridge Exams we offer and the growing list of Universities and Businesses which recognise them, please visit Cambridge ESOL

Recent Changes to the Tier 4 General Student Visa for students wanting to study in the UK

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

The UK Border Agency have recently announced the following changes for students wishing to study in the UK using the Tier 4 General Student Visas. These changes came into affect on April 21st 2011.

  • Only Grade A and Highly Trusted Sponsors (such as LSI )  will be allowed to issue CAS’s (confirmation of acceptance for studies) to students
  • School tests and skype interviews will no longer be accepted as proof of level. Students must have a valid exam certificate from the proscribed list, or have taken a Secure English Language Test (SELT) at a recognised exam centre. SELTs will also be made available at some consulates and embassies. The UKBA site have more information about the SELTS. Level requirement for Tier 4 visas will stay at Intermediate B1, ready to study at B2
  • Students on Tier 4 visas will no longer be allowed to work in the UK while studying at language schools.
  • All language schools will have a limited number of CAS’s available for students until April 2012. Therefore, LSI will issue only one CAS to each student.
  • A new Extended Student Visitor Visa has been introduced for Highly Trusted Sponsors. Language school students will now be able to apply for a Student Visitor Visa for up to 44 weeks at LSI.