Fun and fascinating facts about Cambridge

Did you know …

Medieval teacher and students Cambridge University was founded in 1209 by students from Oxford University. Rumour has it they moved to Cambridge because they were in trouble with the police in Oxford!
The University has over 29,000,000 books and receives a free copy of every book published in the UK every year. That’s quite a lot of reading… Triinity college library
Victorian footballers The first official game of football with rules we would recognise was played on Parker’s Piece, the big public park in the middle of Cambridge. It was played in 1848 between the City and the University. City won 2-1 with a late goal from a young Ryan Giggs.
The mathmatical bridge which crosses the river Cam was designed by Isaac Newton and is held together only by gravity with no nails, screws or fixings. Years later, students took it apart to try to understand how it worked, but couldn’t put it together again without screws and nails!This is the story told to tourists, because although the bridge is wonderful, Isaac Newton died 22 years before it was built! Mathmatical bridge in Cambridge
Hobsons River Hobson’s Conduit runs through the streets of Cambridge, bringing fresh water into the city from a ;local spring. It was built in 1610 to make sure travellers and their horses had something safe to drink when entering the city. We have always been kind to visitors!
In the 2011 United Kingdom census the population of Cambridge was 123,867 of which 24,488 were described as students. This helps to explain why they are so many students bars and cafes in Cambridge! Cambridge university students

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