British English or American English

Where you learn your English affects not just how you pronounce words but even the vocabulary you use. Which language do you speak? British English or American English?
British English or American English

British English or American English Test

Anticlockwise or counterclockwise

Biscuit or cookie

Chemist  or drugstore

Autumn or the fall

Car park or parking lot

Crisps or potato chips

Sweets or candy

Casualty or emergency room

Cinema or movie theatre

Dustbin or garbage can

Football or soccer

Garden or yard

Holiday or vacation

Lift or elevator

Lorry or truck

Mobile phone or cell phone

Petrol or gas

If you selected the first option in each line, you are speaking British English, the second option being American English.  Did you end up with a mixture of the two? The reality is in many cases, even the Brits themselves may end up using ‘Americanisms’.  Perhaps not too surprising when you consider  the global dominance of American movies and TV.

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