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LSI School improvement programme: LSI Cambridge gets a facelift

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Freshly painted corridor at LSI CambridgeAfter a recent facelift to the outside of the building, LSI Cambridge has now added a splash of colour to the inside too.  Working through the night so as not to disturb the students, Cambridge Classics repainted the entire school in just six weeks.  With a different colour scheme on each floor, the school now looks much brighter and all the staff and students are delighted with the transformation.  The painters must have been impressed with the school as well, as one of them has since enrolled on our Cambridge CAE course!

With the help of volunteer students, we have also been planting flowers in window boxes, making sure the building reflects the warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere offered by the staff inside.

A field trip to Zurich by the Metropolitan College New York (MCNY)

Monday, May 10th, 2010

LSI’s strategic partnership with the Metropolitan College New York brought MBA students to Zurich, Switzerland and London, UK for one of their field trips. As part of the MBA sessions taught, marketing, law and the media were covered in addition to LSI-related projects and analyses.

Students in Zurich enjoyed a team-taught Swiss banking secrecy class. Lecturers Terrence Spaeth (LLM), USA and Stephan Lendi (MBA), Switzerland, aimed to show students the underlying laws and principles, while debating and contrasting Swiss, American and German perspectives.

As part of the media session in LSI Zurich taught by Stephan Lendi (MBA), the case of the local Zurich radio market currently dominated by license trading issues was studied and possible solutions debated for the case of NRJ Zurich. Subsequently, the students, many of whom study media management, got to enjoy a tailor-made tour at NRJ Zurich: Christian Kramer (NRJ) addressed NRJ’s impressive marketing and social media strategies, and Stephan Lendi (MBA) gave students an idea of acoustic branding principles, while producing a radio commercial for MCNY in real-time, live and on the spot . Listen to the Radio commercial, voice over by Stephan Lendi, produced by the students with the help of senior station designer and sound engineer Andy Mejuto.

Students as well as the lecturers have greatly enjoyed their collaboration and are looking forward to future sessions, where LSI and MCNY join forces.

Movie making at LSI San Diego

Friday, May 7th, 2010

At LSI we recognise that there are many ways in  which our students can learn and practice newly acquired language skills. We have always adopted many different techniques that often challenge students both inside and outside the classroom and encourage great team work. One recent example of this innovative teaching methodology occurred at our LSI San Diego school.

Teacher Jovana Poduje gave her Upper Intermediate class a unique opportunity to write and perform their own movie!  They spent time in the classroom writing their film, A Random Act of Kindness, which showed an old woman being helped by a stranger.

Jovana’s friend, film maker Elizabeth Spitsbergen, volunteered to help them out.  Here you can see the class on a Saturday afternoon while Elizabeth films them. All the students claimed that they had thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would love to do it again.

Which type of accommodation is right for you – homestay vs residences

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Choosing which kind of accommodation can be a crucial decision when booking your language course. Studying abroad often means moving away from family and friends to a totally new country and culture. This can be a very daunting experience especially for those students who have little travel experience. Finding a home environment where you feel safe and comfortable can be just as important as choosing the right course. As all our students are different, LSI offers a range of accommodation to suit our students’ varying needs. Here we give a  few pointers to the benefits of  the two most popular types of accommodation that we offer. Use this as a guide in making the right choice for you.

The Benefits of Homestay

  • No hidden additional costs incurred (food, laundry etc. all included)
  • Living within a family environment offers more opportunities to practice your English
  • Increased opportunity to learn about the local culture and sample the traditional cuisine
  • Host families constantly available to give advice and support. Many students remain friends with their host families long after they have returned home.
  • The comforts and space of living in real home

The Benefits of Residences

  • Increased independence
  • Frequently living with students your own age who may even be studying at LSI. Many of them may have experienced the same issues that you will face when you first arrive and will be able to provide advice and support
  • Residences are usually more centrally located often reducing travelling costs/time to the school
  • The opportunity to prepare your own foods

We find that many students initially book a homestay which can provide that extra support you might need when you first arrive. However many, once they have found their feet in their new ‘home’ country, decide to move to shared flats with fellow students or move to one of our residences. At all stages of a student’s stay with us our accommmodation officers are always available to give advice and help you to make the right choice for you. We offer detailed accommodation brochures for each country where are schools are located:  LSI accommodation in the UK, LSI accommodation in the USA, LSI accommodation in Canada, LSI accommodation in New Zealand, LSI accommodation in Australia, LSI accommodation in France, LSI accommodation in Germany and LSI accommodation in Switzerland.