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LSI Berkeley – holiday party for homestay program participants

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

The LSI Berkeley school recently held a holiday party for its homestay program participants.  There are currently around 80 homestay families, who are all very interested in learning more about world cultures and using the homestay experience as a way of sharing their own culture with the students.

Many families and several LSI students came to the party.  Some families have hosted for more than 20 years, but there were also many new participants.  The night was a way for the more experienced families to share their knowledge and adventures with the newcomers!  During the party, families put the location of their homes on a map to share with students.  They also contributed their ideas to a discussion board.  Some families said: Ideas about learning between cultures:  “I learn so much from each student – the world seems changed again and again by their presence.  I see the world so much more clearly.” Ideas for mealtimes: “Variety is the spice of life; try meals of the home country of the student, as well as American meals.” What is hosting all about?: “Being open to other cultures and a curiosity about the students’ family and hobbies” Another family said, “Warmth and friendliness.”

Brisbane – Rocking around the Christmas tree

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

LSI Brisbane – Excitement is gathering around this year’s Christmas concert, where both staff and students are able to show off their abilities with a variety of songs, sketches and performances.  Some students have been incredibly talented and have included an actual opera singer!  After this we always have a staff and student party in which everyone participates, eats Christmas cake and has a good time.  So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at LSI Brisbane!

Santa Claus Celebration at LSI Zurich

Friday, December 5th, 2008

Santa Claus, i.e. “Samichlaus” visits Swiss children on December 6 every year, and managed to stop by LSI Zurich this morning for the legendary Santa Claus Brunch. 55 students, teachers and school staff enjoyed a traditional Swiss brunch, including traditional Swiss hot chocolate, bread, “Gritibänze”, Croissants and lots of peanuts and mandarins as well as Swiss chocolate. School director Ian Cryer’s daughter was tasked to arrange for contemporary X-mas music, ranging from Girls aloud to Kylie Minogue. LSI Zurich‘s X-mas dinner completes a successful year of student activities ranging from pub crawls to cooking nights and TV studio visits. Stephan Lendi, in charge of coordinating these activities was amazed at students’ contributions to the activities: “A Spanish Merengue dancer visiting the school was offering dance classes as part of the activities, which really got people moving!” LSI Zurich will being their 2009 activities for all German language students with an ‘Eat around the world’ activity, where students bring food from their home culture for a buffet lunch, followed by a challenging visit to the Swiss edition of the TV show “1 versus 100”.

Visitors to a Geneva Fair create LSI’s ‘World of Languages’

Friday, December 5th, 2008
postcards on LSI's World of Languages

postcards on LSI's 'World of Languages'

Over 800 visitors to a Geneva fair have contributed to LSI’s ‘World of Languages’, by drawing themselves and their preferred LSI destinations on postcards, which were later put on a gigantic world map. The fair was organozed by LSI Paris in cooperation with LSI Zurich. “This new marketing concept for language fairs, which was tested in Geneva for the first time was huge success” states the creator of the concept Stephan Lendi. “Over 800 contacts kept three LSI staff busy all day long, while competitors were taking care of about 20 clients each during this entire day” says Emmanuel Viret, school director at LSI’s Paris school. “The French and the Swiss visitors at the fair really have great creative talent!”, says an amazed Christelle Margalho – study abroad coordinator at LSI Paris – looking at the postcard collage.