Visitors to a Geneva Fair create LSI’s ‘World of Languages’

postcards on LSI's World of Languages
postcards on LSI’s ‘World of Languages’

Over 800 visitors to a Geneva fair have contributed to LSI’s ‘World of Languages’, by drawing themselves and their preferred LSI destinations on postcards, which were later put on a gigantic world map. The fair was organozed by LSI Paris in cooperation with LSI Zurich. “This new marketing concept for language fairs, which was tested in Geneva for the first time was huge success” states the creator of the concept Stephan Lendi. “Over 800 contacts kept three LSI staff busy all day long, while competitors were taking care of about 20 clients each during this entire day” says Emmanuel Viret, school director at LSI’s Paris school. “The French and the Swiss visitors at the fair really have great creative talent!”, says an amazed Christelle Margalho – study abroad coordinator at LSI Paris – looking at the postcard collage.