Santa Claus Celebration at LSI Zurich

Santa Claus, i.e. “Samichlaus” visits Swiss children on December 6 every year, and managed to stop by LSI Zurich this morning for the legendary Santa Claus Brunch. 55 students, teachers and school staff enjoyed a traditional Swiss brunch, including traditional Swiss hot chocolate, bread, “Gritibänze”, Croissants and lots of peanuts and mandarins as well as Swiss chocolate. School director Ian Cryer’s daughter was tasked to arrange for contemporary X-mas music, ranging from Girls aloud to Kylie Minogue. LSI Zurich‘s X-mas dinner completes a successful year of student activities ranging from pub crawls to cooking nights and TV studio visits. Stephan Lendi, in charge of coordinating these activities was amazed at students’ contributions to the activities: “A Spanish Merengue dancer visiting the school was offering dance classes as part of the activities, which really got people moving!” LSI Zurich will being their 2009 activities for all German language students with an ‘Eat around the world’ activity, where students bring food from their home culture for a buffet lunch, followed by a challenging visit to the Swiss edition of the TV show “1 versus 100”.