LSI Pathway Programme

The Pathway Program is offered at our Canadian schools, as well as in Brisbane and Auckland.

LSI Partners with over 30 colleges and universities in Canada!

See the full list of Pathways Partners Canada here.

Andrew Bush is one of our Pathway Coordinators.

He has regular meetings with Pathway students to ensure that they are on track for success.

Andrew helps students prepare for college and university life with information sessions and extra-curricular assignments.

Here’s what our students are saying about the Pathway Program!

“The class material was really captivating. We learned to write essays on a wide range of themes, from insects to architecture, and even politics. We also worked together as a class to produce a movie and write an article, so we got a lot of grammar and speaking training. Overall, the environment of the school was friendly and helpful, and I think that my experience will help me take the IELTS test.”

– Joao, Brazil

The Academic English course is available to our Pathway students with a minimum B2 level. Through hard work and determination, Andrew has assisted beginner students in advancing in their classes, enabling them to attain an English proficiency level that qualifies them for the Pathway Program. So, whether you are just starting out or further along, with dedicated effort and the support of our staff, you can achieve your goals to pursue postsecondary studies!