LSI’s Response to COVID-19

June 15, 2020

LSI’s Response to COVID-19

Dear Students and Partners,

Our first priority at LSI is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students, partners and staff. LSI schools have been working tirelessly in response to the growing challenges we all face from the pandemic and we’d like to inform you about key changes now in effect. For the latest information, please read below.

The situation is being reviewed constantly and any substantive changes will be posted. Please don’t hesitate to contact LSI schools or your LSI representatives if you have any questions at all.

LSI Schools Have Reopened

We’re delighted to say that LSI schools in Vancouver, Auckland, Paris & Zurich are open and welcoming in our students again. All subject to local social distancing guidelines, including limitations on class sizes, staggered timetables and hygiene practices, our schools are providing face to face classes as well as social programme events. We’re particularly happy to say that in Auckland, where COVID-19 has been eradicated, our school is operating absolutely as normal. 

All our schools will be providing the regular number of teacher contact hours, but may provide a hybrid programme of face to face and online classes in order to maintain local social distancing guidelines.  

LSI Brisbane & Other LSI Schools Opening Soon

We’re delighted to say that LSI Brisbane is reopening on Monday June 22. We hope to reopen all our remaining schools soon and will be making further announcements over the coming weeks about LSI Toronto and all LSI UK and USA schools.

Travel Restrictions – UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France & Switzerland

The federal governments in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France & Switzerland have imposed travel restrictions on foreign nationals seeking to enter their respective countries. Students scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks should contact their chosen LSI school for more information and advice.

Online Lessons

LSI is now operating online English campuses in several different timezones; the UK (GMT), the NA East Coast (ET), the NA West Coast (PST), Australian East Coast (AEST) and New Zealand (NZDT).  Where LSI schools remain shuttered, remaining onshore students are being offered the same teacher contact hours online. 

Our online English campuses will be continuing indefinitely and will run alongside our regular face to face programmes, giving our in-school students the opportunity to study online in advance of their course abroad, and upon return to their home country. 

Pre-existing students

Students that had previously booked face to face classes can join any of our online campuses from their home countries (or from their LSI accommodation). For these student​s we are also providing credits for free face to face lessons in the future; For every two weeks of online lessons taken, students are entitled to a credit for one free week of face to face classes in the future at any LSI school worldwide. (Please refer to online lessons promotion terms & conditions below).

Existing students that would prefer not to take these online lessons can postpone their remaining weeks. 

Prospective students

We are also accepting new students into our online campuses. For details of our programmes, please visit: and

For further information please contact LSI schools or your LSI representative.

Special Terms & Conditions 

Due to the increased uncertainty surrounding international travel, we have prepared the following special Terms & Conditions

1. New bookings.
We are continuing to accept new bookings for face to face classes. The situation varies country by country, but we recommend start dates from Monday July 27 onward. Students are welcome to book courses starting earlier, but please note that the school may have to defer. Prospective students can also start their studies now online and continue in the school later using our LSI Passport programme. For more details, please visit:

For all new bookings for face to face classes made until July 31, students can cancel up to 7 days in advance with no cancellation fees.*

2. Postponements
Students are welcome to postpone courses without incurring any penalty charges.**

We recommend postponements for face to face classes to Monday July 27 onward. Courses must start by Dec 31, 2021.***

3. Credit transfers
Students can also transfer their unused face to face programme weeks to family members. 

Unused programme weeks can be used at any LSI school worldwide.**

Courses must start by Dec 31, 2021.

4. Cancellations 
Cancellations for existing bookings are subject to LSI’s regular Terms & Conditions: 

Bookings made with special promotional prices are subject to promotional Terms & Conditions.  

5. Online lessons credits for pre-existing students
Credits for free face to face classes must be taken by December 31, 2021 . Free face to face lessons cannot be transferred to family members. Credits for free face to face classes cannot be taken online.

Offer  covers tuition only

All online programme types give credit for free G20 (20 lessons/wk) face to face classes.

All other terms & Conditions apply:

*Please note, costs already incurred by LSI, such as courier fees or other third party fees will not be refundable. 

**Accommodation and other third party fees may be subject to additional charges

***Bookings made using the Black Friday promotion must start by January 25,  2021.