Discovering Auckland

New Zealand attracts millions of visitors every year from all around the world. Why are so many people willing to come so far and why is Auckland an excellent place to study English?

There are many reasons for coming here – New Zealand is famous the world over for its natural beauty, unique wildlife and thrilling adventure sports. It is a dream destination for fans of films such as The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. New Zealand also has a reputation for being a clean, safe place with friendly people.

These factors may also influence people to choose New Zealand as a place to study English, but what is it that makes Auckland special?

For some, learning English is a stepping-stone to further education in their chosen field. The wide range of excellent educational institutions where people can continue their studies is a prime reason for making Auckland their destination of choice.

By far New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland is a melting pot of different cultures which enriches the educational experience, with the opportunity to make friends from around the world. Hearing the many accents is challenging but helps students broaden their knowledge of English and strengthen their communication skills. This is very important for those wanting to work for international companies, live abroad or enjoy world-wide travel.

There are many places to visit and events that can be enjoyed alone or with friends. Auckland has a lively restaurant and bar scene, which in addition to providing delicious culinary experiences to students, also helps many of them support themselves with weekend and evening work.

The wide variety of people provides the city with a wonderful diversity of food and festivals throughout the year. An annual highlight on the cultural calendar is Pasifika, which showcases the food, music, dance, art and crafts of the Pacific Islands, including New Zealand. Summer brings a multitude of free events, including outdoor cinema and musical performances held in various parks across the city.

Auckland is also very green, defined by a wide range of natural features such as beaches, ancient volcanoes, islands and parks. In Cornwall Park, for example, people can spend hours among the trees, walking through fields with sheep, enjoying the view from the historic volcanic cone or visiting the Stardome Observatory.

The reasons for coming to New Zealand and learning English here are many and varied, with goals to achieve and wonderful memories to be made with friends from across the globe. The only problem is that after spending time here you may not want to leave.