LSI Sixth Form College Joins CIFE

LSI Independent Sixth Form College is very happy to announce that it has been accepted as a member of CIFE, a professional association of independent sixth-form colleges, including some of most successful in the sixth form sector.

What CIFE colleges share is a focus on the individual student and an excellent reputation for motivating students to make the most of their studies.  Many students in CIFE colleges get excellent A Level results and progress to top universities.  We are very optimistic that our membership of CIFE will enable us to flourish even more.

One exciting outcome is that at least one of our students each year will receive a CIFE prize, which will be presented at the House of Lords in London.  Other students may also be eligible for prizes if they excel in certain academic areas.

We are very pleased to have been granted membership of CIFE and look forward to benefiting from this exciting development.