Valentine Day’s Charity Bake at LSI Berkeley

Every year LSI Berkeley  holds a bake sale for charity. This year we choose Valentine’s Day to hold the event, an appropriate day perhaps due to most of our students love of chocolate. Teachers and staff bought in homemade cakes to sell to students during morning break. It seems not only can our teachers explain complicated grammar points, they can also bake! Everyone enjoyed sampling a tasty array of treats such as brownies, cake pops and cookies. More importantly, the bake sale was for a good cause. Every year we ask the students to select a charity for the bake sale. This year all the proceeds of the sale were donated to our local chapter of the International Rescue Committee

LSI Berkeley holds a Valentine's Day Charity Bake

At LSI Berkeley we always encourage our students to experience the local customs and festivals. If you want to find out more about what we get up to you can read our blogs on Halloween, Thanksgiving and Memorial Day.