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Martin Dumont: Learning English in London & Reaching for the Sky!

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Our registrar at LSI London Hampstead Jesus David Ordóñez recently spoke to French student Martin Dumont about his ambitions to become a fighter pilot and how his English studies in London are helping him achieve his ambitions while enjoying the unforgettable experience of studying abroad…


Jesus David Ordóñez: How long have you been studying English? Why did you want to study English?

Martin Dumont:  I started learning English at primary school in France. However, when I got my baccalauriat, my level of English was not high enough to be accepted on the training for fighter pilots in the French Army. Surprisingly, you need to have a high level of English in the French Army. So I decided to go on an educational trip to London so that I could soak up the foreign language and culture and cut myself away from the French language completely.


JDO: Why did you choose LSI Hampstead to improve your English?

MD:  Some friends of mine recommended LSI to me. Then I just had to choose the type of exam I wanted to do at the end of my studies so that I could leave London with a sense of achievement.


JDO: How was your time in LSI London Hampstead?

MD:  It was splendid. First of all, I was surprised at the attention the staff gave all of us, and the fact that they were always available. I think this was a really good way to meet new people who are exactly in the same boat as me, and we could help each other on the way to our goals.


JDO: Would you recomend LSI London Hampstead?

MD:  Just do it! It’s an amazing experience.


Language Learning Destination – Photos from LSI Toronto

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Spring is here and there’s so much happening in Toronto.  Our beautiful city has something for everyone in every season!

If you like sports, come out and watch the Blue Jays play baseball.

…Or play some soccer with our school team.

Go on a 4-hour boat cruise party on Lake Ontario with a great view of the Toronto city skyline from the Harbour. …

Enjoy Toronto’s parks and beaches…

Or experience a one-day trek through the beautiful natural lakes and forests of Algonquin Park, north of Toronto.  This trip includes a short wilderness hike, a canoe lesson, and a visit to the Algonquin Visitors’ Centre. Bring your camera…you may see a moose!

Take a boat trip in Niagara Falls, just a short trip from Toronto.  Even though you’ll be very close to the Falls, your blue raincoat will keep you nice and dry!

Visit one of Toronto’s world class art galleries and museums…

We also have all the great Fall and Winter activities to look forward to! In Fall, the trees turn brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow, and in winter you can go skating or skiing.