Martin Dumont: Learning English in London & Reaching for the Sky!

Our registrar at LSI London Hampstead Jesus David Ordóñez recently spoke to French student Martin Dumont about his ambitions to become a fighter pilot and how his English studies in London are helping him achieve his ambitions while enjoying the unforgettable experience of studying abroad…


Jesus David Ordóñez: How long have you been studying English? Why did you want to study English?

Martin Dumont:  I started learning English at primary school in France. However, when I got my baccalauriat, my level of English was not high enough to be accepted on the training for fighter pilots in the French Army. Surprisingly, you need to have a high level of English in the French Army. So I decided to go on an educational trip to London so that I could soak up the foreign language and culture and cut myself away from the French language completely.


JDO: Why did you choose LSI Hampstead to improve your English?

MD:  Some friends of mine recommended LSI to me. Then I just had to choose the type of exam I wanted to do at the end of my studies so that I could leave London with a sense of achievement.


JDO: How was your time in LSI London Hampstead?

MD:  It was splendid. First of all, I was surprised at the attention the staff gave all of us, and the fact that they were always available. I think this was a really good way to meet new people who are exactly in the same boat as me, and we could help each other on the way to our goals.


JDO: Would you recomend LSI London Hampstead?

MD:  Just do it! It’s an amazing experience.


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