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An interview with Brazilian actress Tammy Campos Di Calafiori about her time at LSI New York – by Kerry Linder

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Brazilian actress Tammy Campos di Calafiori when studying English as LSI New YorkFor the past three weeks LSI New York have had the pleasure of hosting Tammy Campos Di Calafiori as a student at the school.  The NY Director of studies, Kerry Linder, managed to catch up with this accomplished young actress from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil after one of the afternoon classes and took the opportunity to find out more about this famous actress …

In her native country, Tammy is best known as “Lorena,” one of the stars of the daytime “novela” Passione. In this popular soap opera, Tammy is part of a love triangle involving her mother and her mother’s boyfriend! Here she is in action.   Recently, Tammy also played the role in the feature film A Suprema Felicidade by acclaimed director/screenwriter Arnaldo Jabor; in this period film, Tammy takes on the part of an ingénue stripper, a role she told me she thoroughly enjoyed researching and playing.

In spite of her star quality, intrinsic beauty and accomplishments at such a young age, Tammy is surprisingly down to earth and friendly, and comes to us after having completed an acting course combining the Suzuki Method and Viewpoints, at SITI Company in NYC. Like Tammy, a growing number of young creative professionals attending LSI New York are choosing to combine an intensive language program with specialized study in their field here in NYC, be it in acting, photography, dance, or some other artistic discipline.

Tammy, whose course is being sponsored by our partner in Brazil SIS Intercâmbio, says she enjoys taking the subway and walking in New York without being recognized. Regarding her courses here at LSI, Tammy says she is very satisfied and plans to extend her course and return to LSI New York at a later date. “I like studying here because I can make friends from all over the world and I get a lot of practice. I really like this school and I think the teachers and methodology are very good. My teacher Anna is great! This week for class, we had to research a famous person and give a presentation to the rest of class. I did a presentation on the artist Jackson Pollock; next time I am thinking of doing a presentation on my city, Rio de Janeiro!”

No doubt we will be hearing a lot more about this talented young actress in the years to come. We certainly look forward to hosting her when she is back in NYC. In the mean time, we wish Tammy boa sorte which means “good luck” in her native Portuguese!

LSI Cambridge now the proud owner of its own student residence ‘The Willows’

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

The new LSI Cambridge residenceLSI Cambridge has become the first LSI school to acquire its own student residence. The Willows is an attractive, three storey Victorian building, located in a quiet suburb close to the town centre and just a 25 minute walk from the school. It provides single, double and twin room accommodation some of which are ensuite. On the ground floor there is a large lounge/dining area perfect for relaxing and dining with other students. The residence is self catering with a spacious, fully equipped kitchen  as well as  free laundry facilites and WIFI. There is also a live-in warden on site.

Phil Scherb, school director of LSI Cambridge, is exicited by the new acquisition. “It’s been a lot of work searching for just the right kind of building and then ensuring that it is fully equipped and ready to go for April. We get a lot of demand from students who want this more independent accommodation option and at times it can be difficult to find spaces in the usual university residences we use. As the Willows is our own residence we can be absolutely sure that the accommodation exactly meets the needs of our students. We have already had our first group of students in and have had a lot of positive feedback  but we are still hoping to make even further improvements to the facilities in the near future.”

LSI Zurich plays the good samaritan with a free course for a struggling FCE student

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

LSI Zurich was recently approached by EnergyZurich ( NJR), the number radio station in Zurich, to help provide a language course to an FCE student who had been let down by her previous college. NJR  has a regular show which helps out young adults who are facing a difficult situation. A few months ago, our school was contacted by the radio station about a young student called Deborah  who was struggling financially after  completing  a course at another language school and had then subsequently failed the crucial FCE exam  (the internationally recognised Cambridge First Certificate of English) that she needed to continue her studies abroad.

NRJ asked LSI Zurich to step in to help Deborah. It was agreed that NRJ and LSI would share the costs of  a new FCE course and exam, and after several weeks of studying at LSI under the expert tutelage of Mick Cavanagh, Deborah was successful at her second attempt. Ian Cryer, school director of LSI Zurich,  felt it was a positive move all round . “As a result of helping this student out, we have received a lot of  free air-time  advertising at the radio station which is great, especially when you consider that the core audience for the radio station is exactly the same young adult  market that  our courses are aimed at. We have been able to raise brand awareness about LSI promoting the wide variety of course we offer, whilst having a great deal of fun!”

LSI Paris launches new website at

Friday, April 1st, 2011

 LSI Paris has just received a new digital face at .Not only have graphics been exchanged, but an advanced CMS has been implemented and advanced website features have been installed to optimally suit the complex needs of LSI Paris.

Emmanuel Viret, Director of LSI Paris, is more than happy with the new site: “We are beginning to launch an extensive service offerings in Paris. In addition to our successful Standard 20 and Intensive 30 French daytime programmes, LSI Paris is now proud to offer English and French evening courses, including preparation for most Cambridge exams, as well as the TOEFL. We have also just launched a new service offering for companies, tailored to the specific needs of local Paris companies.”

The new website hence perfectly fulfills the needs of the LSI Paris school. The website features online tests, as well as online booking options or all courses. The Paris website has been developed based on the prototype developed for the LSI Zurich school. Regarding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Stephan Lendi had to fight against heavy competition but the efforts seem to have been successful: “We managed to end up on page 1 of Google France between positions 3 and 5 after initial optimizations. This is an excellent basis for the fine-tuning efforts to begin now”.

But the website offers more than just an online booking engine; at times, when change has become part of daily business, the availability of current and detailed data is crucial. LSI Zurich’s Stephan Lendi, who has just completed his MBA in global marketing and global communication sees advantages also in this field: “The website also optimally fulfills our needs regarding marketing research. At LSI we want and need to stay on top of things and ahead of our competitors. Continuous evaluation of our service quality as well as our offering is crucial especially as a basis for R&D.”

We wish the Paris team continued good luck with their new website, their evening courses and newly launched company teaching.