LSI New York holds a Photography Competition

In September Language Studies International’s  school in New York held its first ever photography competition. Students were invited to submit photos that they had taken of the city during their time studying at LSI. Tomoko Fujita, enrolled on our 36 week International School year course, was elected as winner.

LSITomoko Fujita came to LSI New York in July after quitting her job with a security company in Japan. Since her arrival she’s been photographing New York City and the variety of people here at LSI. In this photo she managed to capture both her teacher and fellow student during class without their knowing. She describes the photo as a kind of accident because she had to take the picture so quickly. People are her favorite subject matter. She also likes photographing in color and black & white. Although Tomoko’s father is a professional photographer, she doesn’t intend to photograph professionally herself. Instead she will continue to experiment with her digital camera while studying here at LSI.