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LSI Paris Halloween – Fête d’Halloween

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

LSI Paris – Halloween festivities at LSI Paris turned the Paris language school into a haunted mansion with ghosts, cats, devils and pirates living the spirit of Halloween the Paris way.  João from Brazil who lives in the U.S. and has been preparing for the TEF exam at LSI Paris, dressed as an evil pirate of the Caribbean, was thrilled by the party: “It’s as much fun as the Halloween parties in the U.S., only that French food adds the French ‘savoir vivre’ spirit to a great occasion to party”. Christian from Germany stated: “It’s great to be with students and teachers also outside the classroom and make great friends!”

Mister and Miss LSI Paris Pageant

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009
LSI Paris – in a major event at LSI Paris Mister and Miss LSI Paris have been elected. Both winners, Mitsu and Yoko from Japan have been thrilled to have won the election.  Mitsu, who has returned to LSI Paris this January to continue his French studies and prepare for the TEF language exam stated: “I would have never thought to be so famous at LSI Paris!” A fellow student of  kew exactly why she voted for Mitsu: “He is always really helpful. I sometimes struggle with the French-only policy at LSI Paris and he is always there to help. We study together in class, join LSI activities together and spend a lot of time enjoying the French culture and all there is to discover in Paris”.