Chemistry at LSI Independent College

A-levels, or advanced-level qualifications, are subject-based qualifications that act as a stepping stone for students to get into top universities. LSI Independent College offers 16 A-level courses, from the sciences, to literature, to business. LSI Independent College is committed to ensuring that students reach their potential by providing close academic supervision in small class sizes that enable teachers to support each students specific goals and needs.

LSI Independent College has a fully-equipped science laboratory which allows students to apply what they learn in a practical, hands-on approach.

Chemistry is one of the science A-levels offered at the college. It is the study of the basic elements and their compounds that make up the material of our world.

Here, chemistry student, Jamie, is trying to find out the unknown ions in the given samples.

Here’s what students are saying about their experience with A-levels at LSI Independent college:

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