Gender Vocabulary Quiz

Find out whether your vocabulary is more ‘male’ or ‘female’ with our fun Gender Vocabulary Quiz.

Test your knowledge of the following 20 words, all known to be more recognisable to a particular gender. List the numbers of the words that you know and then check the answers at the end. Don’t guess, only list the words that you are certain of! How did you do? Now try it with your friends.

  1. scimitar
  2. golem
  3. tresses
  4. bodice
  5. bolshevism
  6. humvee
  7. claymore
  8. mascarpone
  9. flouncing
  10. progesterone
  11. paladin
  12. taupe
  13. dreadnought
  14. decoupage
  15. codec
  16. wisteria
  17. biped
  18. solenoid
  19. taffeta
  20. peony

Female word’s’: taffeta, tresses, mascarpone, decoupage, progesterone, wisteria, taupe, flouncing, peony, bodice.

Male word’s’: codec, solenoid, golem, humvee, claymore, scimitar, paladin, bolshevism, biped, dreadnought.