Coronavirus And Studying Abroad

With the increase in cases of the Coronavirus globally, we’ve been receiving queries from prospective and current students who are worried about the potential risks of taking a study abroad programme at this time.

We’d like to reassure all our students that the safety and well being of our community is of paramount importance to us. As such we wanted to let you know about our plans to ensure our students and staff are kept safe during the Coronavirus outbreak and to answer some common questions we’ve been receiving.

“I am worried about the virus.”
LSI is monitoring the situation carefully and will offer guidance as the situation changes. We recommend our students get the facts from the following government websites:

Are LSI schools safe spaces?”
LSI schools have proper hygiene practices in place to help limit the spread of infectious diseases and our staff have protocols in place on how to respond should there be any concerns of a case of coronavirus in the school.

“Is it safe to attend classes?”
We will continue to run face-to-face classes until such time that official health advice recommends otherwise. In the meantime, we would expect all students to continue to attend classes as they would do normally.

“I have flu-like symptoms.”
Colds and flu are very common, particularly in the colder months.  If a student feels unwell, we recommend they follow local guidance on self-care and stay home to recover.  Students are not recommended to go to hospital for flu-like symptoms but should speak to local medical professionals for help. All our schools can provide you with information and assistance on what to do and whom to speak to.

We advise maintaining good personal health hygiene and frequently washing hands to prevent the spread of germs. 

“Who is at risk of developing a severe illness?”
So far, only older people and people with pre-existing medical conditions (such as diabetes and heart disease) appear to be at risk of developing a severe illness. Younger people without pre-existing conditions tend to experience les severe flu-like symptoms.

“What will happen at my LSI school if there are any suspected cases of coronavirus?”
We will take immediate advice from public health professionals, and if necessary, we can move to other learning channels such as online learning programmes.

“Will I still be able to study if the situation gets worse?”
Our Academic Support team and student services team is based in multiple locations around the world and they will continue to support all of our students regardless of the situation in any one school. Access to e-LSI means that our students always have access to their academic programme and we will endeavour to provide lessons online if necessary.

The following policies and procedures are in place throughout all LSI schools to help limit the spread of infectious diseases.

1. Restrictions on recruitment: All LSI schools follow government guidelines and are restricting enrolment from students that have travelled from the most affected areas within 14 days of the start of their programmes. 

2. School hygiene: We have briefed all school staff on hygiene measure that prevent the spread of infectious diseases in school spaces, including accommodation. This includes, but is not limited to, the washing of hands, hand sanitizers and covering the nose and mouth when coughing. This information is also given to our students as part of the induction process.

3. Vigilance: Although it can be difficult to diagnose the coronavirus and people can be asymptomatic, our school staff are aware of the visible symptoms, including high temperature, shortness of breath and excessive sweating.

4. Infection control: Our staff have protocols in place should any student or staff member feel unwell or be displaying symptoms. When a student reports flu-like symptoms, or we perceive a student to be displaying visible symptoms of the coronavirus, we will work to ensure that the individual is safely and comfortably separated from others and receives immediate medical advice. We understand that this process could potentially be distressing for the individual and we will ensure that they are supported and comfortable throughout.