Preparing for IELTS

If you’ve ever considered studying at an English speaking university in the UK, Australia or New Zealand, you’re probably already familiar with IELTS – the International English Language Testing System. High level IELTS scores are accepted by universities in these countries as proof of English language proficiency and are often a prerequisite for international students enrolling on degree courses.

Dylan Mu San is from Tahiti and he plans to go to university in Australia. He’s been studying for the last few months at LSI Brisbane on an IELTS preparation course. He gave us his thoughts about taking IELTS and how essential a preparation course is to achieving that all important high IELTS score.

“Initially I’d set myself the target of getting at least 6.5 out of 9 in each element of the test – the listening, reading, speaking and writing. I had allowed myself a period of four months to prepare for the exam, but I really underestimated the difficulty of this test . By the time I realised my mistake, one month had passed. I then had only three months to get ready for the exam. I realised I need extra support.”

“Thankfully LSI offers an excellent preparation programme, mixing general and academic English, but it also provides dedicated teachers who will always do their best to help and support students.  In the morning I studied general English and in the afternoons I developed my academic skills with my teachers Lola and Grace.”

“The writing skill is the most difficult skill to improve on as it demands a steady progression to allow the students to grasp the techniques required to write an academic essay. As a result of the help I received, I was able to obtain a 6.5/9 at the exam. In order to achieve my goal, I practised every day. But frankly, I would probably not have succeeded if it wasn’t for the support from Grace who dedicated her personal time to me giving me constant feedback.”

“This is a good example to highlight what LSI’s staff is capable of. They will go beyond their obligations to provide support and make students thrive. Regardless of whether you are interested in IELTS or not, I would say that an IELTS course is a perfect choice if you want to improve English rapidly because it forces you to strive in every discipline. So if you’re just looking to improve your skills, take the academic course at LSI. It is 100% worth it!”

Dylan Mu San