Why Study Abroad?

Take a look at our website or leaf through our brochures. The first thing you’re bound to notice is the ‘Learn and live the language’ motto. It’s everywhere. For us this sums up the key to successful and effective language learning. Sure, you can learn a language without ever leaving home, but the best, most natural way to learn a language is in a country where the language is spoken. Here are some of the reasons why we believe that study abroad language programmes are the ideal way to learn a language.

The best language learning environment
When you study a language in your home country you have access to a limited number of role models. The learning itself will take place mostly inside the classroom and you will have less opportunity and perhaps even less motivation to practice your new language skills. The opposite is true on a study abroad programme. Your language learning takes place inside and outside the classroom. You will hear a variety of accents spoken by native speakers and find  yourself bemused by local expressions and vocabulary. And perhaps most importantly,  you will need to use the language. To communicate with those around you, often your only option will be to speak the target language. You can’t get better motivation than that!

Life Enhancing
Read the reviews of our study abroad programmes and you’ll discover a common theme expressed by many students. Study abroad programmes are life-changing experiences! For many it’ll be the first occasion of an extended period of time outside their home country, away from family and friends. It can feel bewildering initially, being immersed in a new culture, with perhaps very different values and traditions. How you face up to these challenges will teach you a lot about yourself, and often foster qualities such as tolerance, empathy, self-sufficiency and even courage. In a nutshell, it’s character building!

Cultural Experience
Following on from a point we touched upon above, studying abroad will involve immersing yourself in a different culture from the one you are familiar with. Depending on where  you come from and where you choose to study, these differences might be quite subtle or may involve a complete overhaul of your outlook. You’ll learn about the local customs, history and traditions, taste the cuisine and try out the popular entertainments. You’ll find the whole experience fascinating, maybe even addictive.

Great for Your Career Prospects
Top employers view potential job candidates with study abroad experience in a very positive light. In a highly competitive global job market, employers are looking for more than just job specific skills. To make candidates stand out other life experiences come into play.  The language and life skills, the commitment to study, and the broadened cultural knowledge gained on a study abroad programme are often seen as great assets by employers. It will give you that extra edge in the job market!

Making Life Long Friendships
Last, but definitely not least, on our list – the opportunity to build amazing friendships. Study abroad programmes put students together from all around the world. That shared experience of learning to navigate your way through the many challenges of living in the host country helps to build close bonds. Many students stay in contact once they return home, often visiting each other in their own countries.

These are just our thoughts, but what do you think? Have you ever studied abroad? Why not get in touch and tell us about your experiences. We’d love to hear from you. Visit our website to find out more about our study programmes.