What Students Say about Paris

We asked LSI Paris student Alejandro Hernàndez Gutièrrez to give us his thoughts about living in Paris. 20 year old Alejandro comes from Mexico and has been studying with us since November.

“Who hasn’t had the dream of living in Paris? The ‘city of lights’, ‘the city of love’. Everyone wants to go to Paris at some point in their lives and have their photo taken at the foot of the Eiffel Tower or visit one of the most iconic museums in the world, The Louvre, and so much more…

I loved coming to  Paris, not just as a tourist but as a student. To live as a Parisian has completely changed my mind. At the beginning it was hard. It’s not easy to just move and expect everything to be the same as home. But that’s the point of travelling abroad; to have diffferent experiences than you would at home.  There’s a whole new city to discover, to enjoy, to live. Paris itself is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to. Each street , each building is full of history; the castles, the museums, the monuments are incredible too that’s why they called Paris “the city of light ” because of the magical way it makes you feel.

Deciding on LSI was by far the best decision I made on coming to Paris. For me it’s not only about choosing a school, but choosing a second home; a place where you’re going to spend time and meet lifelong best friends! LSI has the best quality teaching you could ask  for. But it’s not just about the lessons, but also the chance to experience French culture. At the school they hold celebrations after classes when you can eat and celebrate French holidays in the French way . The school also organises visits to museums and monuments for you to see the most important aspects of the French culture. LSI have supported me every step of the way, answered every question I asked and made sure that I felt at home. It’s been a great experience.”

Alejandro Hernàndez Gutièrrez at the Musée d’Orsay