A level Students Attend the “Happiness” Event

On Friday 8th February our AS/A1 Religious Studies group attended a very rewarding event entitled “Happiness” at the Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church in the heart of the West End.  It was a great opportunity for the Religious Studies group to consolidate its knowledge of some of the important topics covered during the year so far and to prepare for the A2 year’s final examinations.

Around 500 other students attended, so it was good for the group to see that there are other Religious Studies students out there!  Peter Vardy, an expert in the field and former vice principal of Heythrop College, University of London, delivered the lectures in an engaging and enjoyable way; there was plenty of scope for interaction among the students.  He also happened to be the university lecturer who had taught our Religious Studies teacher.  The topics were: The Teleological Argument; The Problem of Evil and Suffering; Utilitarianism; and Euthanasia.

All in all, it was a very successful trip