“Who are we?” Psychology Field Trip

LSI Sixth Form’s A Level Psychology students enjoyed an event organized by CIFE on 22nd November 2018.  CIFE is an organization of independent sixth form colleges, of which LSI is a member. The event comprised a social gathering with a lecture and was held at The Telegraph Media Lecture Theatre and was given by the renowned experimental psychologist, Professor Bruce Hood.  Professor Hood is Professor of Developmental Psychology in Society at The University of Bristol’s School of Experimental Psychology.  Previously, Professor Hood has held positions at The University of Cambridge, University College London, MIT and Harvard.

The students were fascinated and inspired by Professor Hood’s lecture on “The Self-Illusion – why there is no “you” inside your head”, which explored how our sense of self is constructed by our brains’ interaction with the world.  The lecture certainly stretched and challenged our students, enabling them to gain a deeper insight into their A Level studies.