Cambridge – More Than Just a University Town

Ranked second in the world’s top universities in 2018, Cambridge has long been established as a thriving university town. Iconic images of university students cycling through ancient college grounds or punting on the river capture the traditional image of the city. But what is it like for others who live there? We asked Maria Morales, an LSI Cambridge teacher who helps to organise the social programme for our language students.

Maria’s acknowledges how central her role at the school is. “The activities programme forms a huge part of the student experience, not only for its culture and education, but also for networking, making friends and using English to communicate and have fun with people from all over the world.  It’s key that I make it as fun and varied as I can to enrich our students experience of living in the UK.”

“Fortunately Cambridge has such a wonderful history of education and culture. It’s the perfect opportunity for students to enjoy world class educational and cultural experiences, such as the Botanical Gardens, Museums of Science, Zoology and Anthropology.  But there is also a young, vibrant and fun side to Cambridge that it is really important for the students to see. It’s got a great nightlife from nightclubs, comedy clubs, theatre and of course the ubiquitous pubs.  The city also has a strong cafe culture, funky boutique shops and restaurants. I love the city and find that the students who study with us feel the same. Cambridge has so much to offer the visitor that it makes my job easy, I never find it a problem to organise daily activities for our students no matter their age, interest or background!”