Working Holidays: Study, Work, Explore

Study abroad language programmes are without doubt the best way to learn a language and the more time you can commit the better. Finances are often the major consideration when organising a language programme, requiring a good deal of forward planning and saving. Luckily, some countries now offer working holiday visas which allow international students to work, travel and study all at the same time, making study abroad a more affordable option.

Our Working Holiday website offers useful information about which countries offer Working Holiday Visas and how students can go about applying for them. We outline the Working Holiday visas schemes available in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. There are different regulations in each of these countriess but, in general, the schemes are open to young people from 18 years to 30 years and allow a period of study.

So why consider studying at LSI on a working holiday visa rather than a student visa or tourist visa? Some countries offer working holiday visas that last up to two years, depending on the student’s country of origin, longer than many tourist visas. You’re also allowed to work and finance your studies, something that is banned on many types of student visas. Having the opportunity to work makes the trip more sustainable. No longer do you need to save the hundreds, even thousands, of dollars or pounds needed prior to departure.  You can set off as soon as you receive your Working Holiday Visa.

Studying and working with the Working Holiday visa can also be very beneficial not just for your pocket but for your actual language learning. These schemes offer a lot of flexibility with the type of work you can do and provide lots more opportunities to meet local people. You get the chance to learn new skills, practice your English with native speakers and gain a better understanding of the local culture. A truly immersive experience!

If studying and working in your new host country appeals to you, certainly planning some of your language studies at the beginning of your trip can get you off to the perfect start. Language schools like LSI have years of experience advising international students with practical advice about setting up a bank account, accessing local services, arranging health insurance , general travel advice and of course the all important  advice on job searches, CVs and even interview practice.